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This name list was created for names given by Noldorin exiles in Middle-earth. Before choosing a name, review the Elven Naming Traditions of Valinor page to make certain you know how to choose a name.

You’ll notice that these lists are quite a bit different from the others, as they are in two languages.
These lists are designed for Noldorin Elves who need a Sindarin version of their name for use amongst Sindar.
But, this doesn’t mean that you can use the Sindarin versions for Sindarin Elves.
There are a lot of differences between Exile-Sindarin and Sindar-Sindarin.
For example, Sindarin names have flexible noun-adjective order.
Quenya names have a strict adjective-noun order, and this is reflected in the Sindarin translations of their names.
They also will take elements from their Quenya names that don’t occur in Sindarin names and just Sindarinize them
– like the suffixes -(n)dil and -(n)dur.
In fact, just Sindarinizing Quenya words is common in Exilic names, as they want to make their names sound similar to eachother.