Hello and welcome to Realelvish.net!

This is the place to get reliable, up to date, well-researched translations in Tolkien’s languages. There are thousands of translations in our databases, all of them made by linguists and Tolkien-language experts. No content here is computer-generated, all translations were done by humans. With pulses even!


This website started out to provide names and phrases for fanfiction writers and role players. Thus, that is what the majority of the content is focused on. It also is why a rather unique approach was taken to the languages. For most studying Tolkien’s languages, the focus is simply communicating with other fans. But here, the focus is putting the languages in an Arda context. The translations aren’t given just as “understandable to other translators” but are given in regional dialects. To be clear – these dialects aren’t made up from nowhere. They are from Tolkien’s writings. It’s just that the usual approach was to ignore these notes to have an easier time communicating with other fans.

Mission Statement

The goal is to make the fruits of decades of scholarship on Tolkien’s languages accessible to fans without linguistics degrees or the time required to learn multiple languages.


Thus, this website is designed to help fans with different levels of engagement in the scholarship. If you just want some names and phrases for your next epic D&D session, the links are under the “Free Translations” header. If you want to support what I do here or find an Elvish textbook, you can go to the “RealElvish Store” header. If you want to learn the languages and dive into the scholarship, you can go to the Realelvish Academy and start studying!