I tried out doing a livestream – didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it, just tried it out. It wasn’t near as terrifying as I was worried it would be. So, I think I’ll try it again, this time with telling people before hand. Here’s the one I did: I worked on a […]

So, I went to Ookii Sora Con, and from what I got to see of it, it was a success! It looked like everyone else was having a blast. I on the other hand, got really sick and had to leave a few hours into the second day for the hospital. So, for me, the […]

Tada! After that poll and talking to lots of people on the topic, I now have two new essays up in the Translation Request section. They are: Basics of Tengwar for Tattoo Seekers Basics of Tengwar for Tattoo Artists Looking at the results of the poll, the things that most people were worried about was […]

So, lately I’ve been getting a lot of tattoo requests, more than I’ve been getting requests for character names or fanfic dialogue. I want to be able to serve you guys more efficiently, so I need to bug you guys for information. I’m also interested in talking to tattoo artists who deal with these requests, […]