Sorry that I filled all of the subscriber’s inboxes with essays and elvish poetry! I’m moving things around the website, cleaning out some of the old material that is no longer used much, and refocusing the website on the names and phrases! I’ve let this place get kinda sprawling and bloated. So, all of the […]

Today I’ll be talking about more changes coming up with Realelvish, distant plans and hopes, and probably a little about the world-building in the novel I’m working on because I’m easily distracted and excited about this project. And of course, I will also be taking questions about Tolkien’s languages, researching them, and doing some on-the-fly […]

Livestreams have been moved to Sundays! The only way to have the livestreams on Wednesdays, because of the shift in my hours, was to have them in the afternoon, after I work and after physical therapy. That’s not the greatest solution, because then I’m socially and physically drained and not particularly good company. So, I […]

Today the livestream is cancelled because Youtube says I can’t and I don’t know how or why or what’s going on… anyways. I am moving my livestreams back to 4-4:30 PM in the late afternoon here (Mountain Time). Here is a Time Zone Converter. My work hours got changed, and I’m working until 3PM every […]

I’m at KuroNekoCon and having a blast! There is a lot of crossover between Anime nerddom and Elvish nerddom, so I’m getting to chit-chat with a lot of people and nerd out. I love watching people’s eyes light up when they realize they’ve just found another person in the world that is interested in what […]