Today the livestream is cancelled because Youtube says I can’t and I don’t know how or why or what’s going on… anyways. I am moving my livestreams back to 4-4:30 PM in the late afternoon here (Mountain Time). Here is a Time Zone Converter. My work hours got changed, and I’m working until 3PM every […]

I’m at KuroNekoCon and having a blast! There is a lot of crossover between Anime nerddom and Elvish nerddom, so I’m getting to chit-chat with a lot of people and nerd out. I love watching people’s eyes light up when they realize they’ve just found another person in the world that is interested in what […]

Moral of the lesson: This is why you don’t want an inexperienced transcriber doing Tengwar for you. For two days now, I, and Tolkien expert friends of mine, have been bombarded by people doing the GISH scavenger hunt. It’s starting to get old. Mostly because this transcription is truly awful. It’s supposed to be in […]

I tried out doing a livestream – didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it, just tried it out. It wasn’t near as terrifying as I was worried it would be. So, I think I’ll try it again, this time with telling people before hand. Here’s the one I did: I worked on a […]