Name Lists

First stop: Naming Traditions, so you know what language the names you chose will be in and what sort of name you’re looking for.

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Quenya Name List

For the Noldor dwelling in Valinor and in Middle-earth, and the Gondorian Kings and Queens.

Exilic-Sindarin Name List (WIP)

For exiled Noldorin Elves adjusting to their new Sindarin language in Middle-earth during the First Age and the people who want to be named after Noldorin Elves.

Adûnaic Name List

For Númenóreans living on Númenor during the Second Age and the Dúnedain during the beginning of the Third Age.

Sindarin Namelists

For the Elves, Númenóreans, and Gondorians of the First through Fourth Ages living in Middle-earth.

Old English Namelists

For the Rohirrim.

Orcish Names

For all things creepy, icky, and from Mordor.

Names from the Books: (WIP)

For your information.

Outside Sources

If you would like a custom made name, go to Translation Requests and fill out the questionnaire.