Name Lists

If you need help figuring out what languages to use, or what types of names you’ll need, read the Naming Traditions page first.

Old Namelists: Because many of the fancy new namelist-databases haven’t been completed yet (and take a very long time to finish) here are the old namelists off of the old version of the website. These will stay up until the new name databases are completed.


  • (under construction) Quenya Name List: For the Noldor dwelling in Valinor and in Middle-earth, and the Gondorian Kings and Queens.
  • (under construction) Exilic-Sindarin Name List: For exiled Noldorin Elves adjusting to their new Sindarin language in Middle-earth during the First Age and the people who want to be named after Noldorin Elves.
  • Adûnaic Name List: For Númenóreans living on Númenor during the Second Age and the Dúnedain during the beginning of the Third Age.
  • Sindarin Namelists: For the Elves, Númenóreans, and Gondorians of the First through Fourth Ages living in Middle-earth.
  • Old English Namelists: For the Rohirrim.
  • Orcish Names: For all things creepy, icky, and from Mordor.
  • Names from the Books: For your information.
  • Our Sindarin Names: For our own enjoyment, NOT FOR NAMING CHARACTERS OF ARDA!

Outside Sources

If you would like a custom made name, go to Translation Requests and fill out the questionnaire, or visit the forum.