Sindarin Namelists

Originally the language of the Sindar in Doriath, this language became the Lingua Franca of the Elves of Middle-earth, and was used by Gondorian aristocracy as a language of the court and law.

Doriathren Sindarin Namelists

Names for the Elves living under the protection of Thingol and Melian in Doriath.

Woodelven Sindarin Namelists

Names for the Elves of Southern Beleriand and later on, for the Woodelves as well.

Gondorian Sindarin Namelists

Names for the Gondorian aristocracy.

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  1. Rosserue | | Reply

    Hello! I adore this website, it has aided me greatly in my stories, and I thank you. However, I’ve come across something a bit confusing. Upon cross-referencing some of the name components given under Sindarin – Wood Elven or Doriathren – they appear to be Noldorin? Such as “balch” (cruel) and amlug (dragon). I don’t know whether this is a mistake on my part, but I thought I would ask! Thank you :)

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