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Fiona J.

Hello! I'm your friendly neighborhood linguist! I grew up on a small sheep and horse ranch in Montana, but now I'm a city-slicker and a college grad, with a degree in English-Linguistics from the University of Montana. I am the owner and head translator of this website.

I am the head of the website, the admin of the admins. I make all of the major design and content decisions, and I organize and manage the contributors. I'm the one who founded this website, back in 2003. As for content production, I am the Sindarin translator. I can also use Quenya and Adûnaic to lesser extents, but well enough to get by. I also write essays every once and a while.


I lurk on the wet and windy west coast of Scotland, where I alternate between being a postgraduate (MA English Linguistics) and a writer.

My work here is to help with all things related to Old English as my linguistic speciality is Germanic languages (particularly old ones).

You may also visit the Discord server: RealElvish Academy, to have your questions answered.