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Hallo! Ich bin Gabriele und Gabriele, das bin ich. Ich lebe in Leipzig, einer alten Stadt des Handels und des Buchdrucks. Ich liebe Bücher und am meisten "Das Silmarillion". Meine Aufgabe ist es, den Inhalt unserer Seite ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. Ich hoffe, ihr habt Freude an dieser Seite. Als Sindarin-Student kann ich euch bei den ersten und zweiten Schritten auf diesen Seiten behilflich sein.

Hello! I am Gabriele, and Gabriele means me. I'm living in Leipzig/Germany, a old town of trade and letterprinting. I love books and "The Silmarillion" most of all. It is my task, to translate the content of our site into German. I hope, you'll enjoy this site. As an Sindarin student, i can help you with your first and second steps on this pages.


Selamlar! İsmim Ekin Gören, Tolkien dilleriyle ilgilenen bir dilbilimciyim. Sitemize eklemeyi ümit ettiğimiz birçok dil desteğinden ilki olan Türkçe üzerinde çalışıyorum. Elfçe, özellikle Sindarin hakkındaki sorularınızı bana yöneltebilirsiniz.

Greetings! I'm Ekin Gören, a fellow linguist on Tolkien's languages. I'm working on translating the contents of our site to Turkish. Hopefully, the first of many language supports to come. You can ask me for help with Elvish, specifically Sindarin.


Hi, my nickname is Eowyn, I'm from Spain, I like literature and writing, as you can imagine I'm a fan of the Universe Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s films, my work here is to translate the website into Spanish, I hope you enjoy the content. If you have troubles to understand any part of the site in English, don’t hesitate to write me.

Fiona J.

Hello! I'm your friendly neighborhood linguist! I grew up on a small sheep and horse ranch in Montana, but now I'm a city-slicker and a college grad, with a degree in English-Linguistics from the University of Montana. I am the owner and head translator of this website.

I am the head of the website, the admin of the admins. I make all of the major design and content decisions, and I organize and manage the contributors. I'm the one who founded this website, back in 2003. As for content production, I am the Sindarin translator. I can also use Quenya and Adûnaic to lesser extents, but well enough to get by. I also write essays every once and a while.


I lurk on the wet and windy west coast of Scotland, where I alternate between being a postgraduate (MA English Linguistics) and a writer.

My work here is to help with all things related to Old English as my linguistic speciality is Germanic languages (particularly old ones).

You may also visit the forums, to have your questions answered. No sign-up is required to post; but members get to chit-chat in the member-only section of the board.