hi deilien hen

English: play this game

Literal Translation: this game [mutated to follow the preposition oh]

IPA: /hi  ˈdej.li.ɛn  ˈhɛn/

Simple Pronunciation: hi DEI.li.en HEN

  • Language(s): Sindarin
  • Phrasebook Chapter(s): Teach Me How
Abbreviation List
  • *Asterisks mark fan-made words.
  • [ex]/[inc] = Exclusive/Inclusive. This is for different meanings of "we". Exclusive "we" means "us, excluding you", and Inclusive "we" means "us, including you".
  • [2] = Dual Plural. This is a plural form of when there are 2 of something.
  • [pl] = Plural.
  • [sing] = Singular.

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