Adûnaic Phrasebook

Adûnaic Pronunciation Guide

The language spoken in Númenor in the Second Age.


A list of greetings.

English Translation
Greeting Niceword *Zirbeth
Greetings nicewords *Zirbîth
A star shines on the hour of our meeting Star-it-is bright coming-[dual plural]-at of-us Gimlun bêl nakhat-ze ‘nNê
I give greetings to everyone I-am-giving nice-words all-wards Ni-yôzi *zirbîth kâthâd
I give greetings to you I-am-giving nice-words you-wards Ni-yôzi *zirbîth kiyad
It has been too long Not I-hear from-you Bâ ni-*huznudâ kivô
My home is your home Home of-me home of-you Zadân anNi zadân anKi
Our meeting is a pleasure Coming-[dual plural] of-us jolly Nakhatûn ‘nNê *kalâma
Thank you for coming Glory coming-wards of-you Aglâr nâkhad ‘nKi
Welcome! You-are-coming right Ki-nâkhi izinda

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A list of goodbyes.

English Translation
May I go? Would-go I? Du-yâda ni?
May the sun shine upon your path Sun brights path-at of-you Urîn *bêla batan-zê ‘nKi
May we go? Would-go we? Du-yâda nê?
We must go We-are-going Nê-yâdim
You must go You-are-going Ki-yâdi
Have fun You-merry-be Ki-*kaldahê

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What to say when introductions need to be made.

English Translation
I am ___ I am _[a name]_ Ni-na ___
I am human I-am [a] Dúnadan Ni-na Adûna
I am not an Elf Not I-am Elvish Lâ ni-na Nimrîyê

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Phrases dealing with the establishment of communication.

English Translation
Do they understand me? Are-they-understanding me? Ya-sâphdim ni?
Do they understand? Are-they-understanding? Ya-sâphdim?
Do you speak Adûnaic? You-speak Adûnaic? Ki-bitha Adûnâyê?
Do you understand me? Are-you-understanding me? Ki-sâphdi ni?
Do you understand? Are-you-understanding? Ki-sâphdi?
He can understand you He-is-understanding you Hu-sâphdi ki

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Phrases dealing with buying and selling goods.

English Translation
Give it to me You-give it me-wards Ki-yôzahê ha ni-yad
Hold this for me You-hold it of-me Ki-kanhê ha ‘nNi
I want it I-am-desiring it Ni-zêri ha

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Journey Phrases

Useful phrases for journeys.

English Translation
Come here You-come at-me Ki-nakhahê ni-yad
Come near the fire You-come fire-wards Ki-nakhahê zôrad
Come with me You-come I-with Ki-nakhahê ni-mâ
Don't come back Not you-come Bâ ki-nakhahê
Don't wander Not you-wander Bâ ki-*raznahê
Flee Go Ki-yadahê
Follow her You-go her-behind Ki-yadahê hi-nad
Follow him You-go him-behind Ki-yadahê hu-nad
Follow me You-go me-behind Ki-yadahê ni-nad
Follow them You-go them-behind Ki-yadahê ya-nad
Go away You-go far Ki-yadahê êphal
I am coming I-am-coming Ni-yâdi
I see ___ I-see ___ Ni-*tuda ___
I will come I-come Ni-nakha
I wish to go I-am-desiring go Ni-zêri yad
Let's go We-go Nê-yada
Do you care for a drink? You-are-desiring ale? Ki-zêri *hîm?
Do you want water? You-are-desiring water? Ki-zêri *nîn?

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War Phrases

Useful phrases for recruiting, preparing, doing, winning, and surrendering in war.

English Translation
Beware You-watch Ki-*tudahê
Death approaches Death it-is-coming Agânun unâkhi
Death to the orcs Death Orc-wards! Agân urîkada!
Don't kill her Not you-kill her Bâ ki-*zagrahê hi
Don't kill him Not you-kill him Bâ ki-*zagrahê hu
Don't kill it Not you-kill it Bâ ki-*zagrahê ha
Flee Go Ki-yadahê
Don't kill me Not you-kill me Bâ ki-*zagrahê ni
Draw your sword You-hold sword Ki-kanhê zagar
Draw your swords [plural] You-hold swords Li-kanhê zagîr
Go by ship You-go ship-with Ki-yadahê balak-mâ
Go by ship [plural] You-go ship-with Li-yadahê balak-mâ
I am yours to command I-am battle-servant of-you Ni-na azgarbên anKi
I know your strength in battle I-understand battle-strength of-you Ni-saphda abân azgar-zê ‘nKi
Kill her you-kill her Ki-*zagrahê hi
Kill him you-kill him Ki-*zagrahê hu
Kill it you-kill it Ki-*zagrahê ha
Kill me you-kill me Ki-*zagrahê ni
Kill orcs Kill orcs *Zagrahê urîk
Kill the Orc Kill orc *Zagrahê uruk
Kill the troll Kill troll *Zagrahê *ulug
Kill the trolls Kill trolls *Zagrahê *ulîg
Kill them Kill them *Zagrahê ya!
Orcs are coming! Orcs-they they-come Urkim nâkhim!
The shadow of death is on you Death-shadow overshadows you Agannûlun ugruda ki
To battle Battle-wards Azgarâda!
To the ship! Ship-wards Balakada!
To the ships! Ships-wards Balîkada!
You are a mighty warrior You-are might-warrior Ki-na *bânzagar

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Rescue Mission

Someone needs rescuing! What do you say?

English Translation
Help me You-give strength us-wards Ki-yôzahê abâr nê-nada

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Courting Phrases

Useful phrases for wooing.

English Translation
Do you love me? You-love me? Ki-zêri ni?
I give you my love I-am-giving love you-wards Ni-yôzi zîr ki-yad
I love ___ I-am-loving _[a name]_ Ni-zêri ___
I love her I-am-loving her Ni-zêri hi
I love him I-am-loving him Ni-zêri hu
I love you I-am-loving you Ni-zêri ki
You are my love You-are sweetheart of-me Ki-na izrê ‘nNi

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Praise and Friendly Phrases

A list of praises and friendly polite things to say.

English Translation
Glorify Glory them-wards Aglâr yâda!
I shall treasure your gift in my heart Gift of-you treasure of-me Yôz anKi kastar anNi
May we speak as friends now? We-are-speaking friends-as? Nê-bêthim zîrî-bê?
I want it I-am-desiring it Ni-zêri ha
You are a friend of my friend You friend of-friend of-me Ki zîr anZîr anNi
You did well You-made straight Ki-maggâ izinda
Beloved Daughter Beloved Daughter Phêl zîrân
Beloved Father Beloved Father Attô zîrân
Beloved king Beloved king Ârû zîrân
Beloved lord Beloved lord Khôr zîrân
Beloved Maiden Beloved Maiden Nithil zîrân
Beloved Mother Beloved Mother Ammê zîrân
Beloved prince Beloved prince Phazgân zîrân
Beloved queen Beloved queen Ârî zîrân
Beloved son Beloved son Thôr zîrân
Beloved Wife Beloved Wife Banâth zîrân
Beloved Woman Beloved Woman Kali zîrân
Look at me You-look me-wards Ki-tuda ni-yad
If you desire it Longing of-you? Zâira ‘nKi?
After I finish End-after of-it I-of *Nêg-nad anHa niyô
After we finish End-after of-it we-of *Nêg-nad anHa nênô

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Insults and Unfriendly Phrases

A list of insults and unfriendly things to say.

English Translation
Are you insane? You-are bent Ki-na lôkhi
I don't want it Not I-am-desiring it Lâ ni-zêri ha
That was not good Not it-is straight Lâ ha-na izinda
Wind pours from your mouth Words of you they-are wind Bithî ‘nKi ya-nam bawâb
You are an orc You-are orc Ki-na uruk
You are orcs You-are orcs Li-nam urîk
Evil fate! Death-shadow Agânnalû!
Idiot! Fool! Nûphan!
Wronged! Not straight Lâ izinda

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A list of exclamations/interjections for your convenience.

English Translation
Be gone from my sight You-go far away Ki-yadahê êphalak
Be silent Not you-speak Bâ ki-bithahê
Don't Not Bâ!
Go away You-go far Ki-yadahê êphal

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Yes and No

To answer questions 'yes' or 'no.'

English Translation
I won't I not Ni bâ
We won't We not Nê bâ
Yes/I agree Assent-with me-from Sâibeth-mâ ni-yô

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Just for Fun!

*not for Middle-earth*

English Translation
I can say what I wish, and you won't understand me I-am-saying wishes of-me, and not you-are-understanding them Ni-bêthi zâir anNi, kâ bâ ki-sâphdi ya
The end! End-it-is! Nêgan!

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