Until this Covid-19 threat passes, I’m not doing any conventions. Not only are all the conventions cancelled, I want you guys to be safe! Hopefully it will be safe to hold conventions in 2022. Stay safe, and let’s meet in the future!

Conventions I like to go to:

  • Miscon – It’s in my hometown, so I never miss one!
  • OokiiSoraCon – It’s run by what was my college Anime club, now all graduated and continuing their awesomeness for the next generation of Montana nerds!
  • Montana Renaissance Festival – My mom is part of a traditional Scottish dance band and my dad is a caller (something like a dance instructor), so I like to go see them perform! Also I really love dressing up in old-timey clothes and floating about like a queen. This Renfaire is pretty laid back, no one will go around telling others that they have the wrong color for their kirtle.
  • Foolscap – This convention is a hidden gem. It’s based around tea, literary criticism, and love. I’ve never seen a convention that is so accommodating for things like autism and sensory-processing problems like I have. They have a quiet room set aside if you get over stimulated, and another room devoted to quietly sipping tea! Also, lots of round-table discussions on things like urban fantasy tropes and other fantastic things. They also have a free book collection that you can take from (just put a book in its place) and my books are always included.
  • Omentielva – It’s a linguistic conference for Tolkien language nerds. We share papers, stories, and do a suspicious amount of singing in Elvish.