I’ve had quite a lot of fun entering my website into contests for LotR websites. These are the awards I’ve won. To save bandwidth, you must click on the award to view it. Unfortunately, most of the websites I received these awards from are gone.

Best Overall

Site of the Month (October 2011) from Frodo Forever

Best Old Site from Women of Valor

Hidden Gem of the Web Award from The Lady of Rohan

Best Overall from There is Still Hope

Elven Award from There is Still Hope

The Last Alliance Award from Telpeath’s Gift

Best Overall Website from Telpeath’s Gift

Best Old Site from Evenstar Embers

Best Tolkien Website from Forgotten Whispers

The Glory of Varda Award from The Dúnedain Awards

Iridescent Award from Iridescent Awards

Lothlorien from Mithlond Awards

Laughter Award from SSA

Best General Site from Titielanira Awards

New Site from TRA


The Dunadan Award from Aragorn Crown Awards

Award of Elegance from The Lady of Rohan

Best Tolkien Website from Merry

Most Informative from Evenstar Embers

Best Content from Evenstar Embers

The Valar Award from Telpeath’s Gift

Tolkien Award from Iridescent Awards

Palantir of Orthanc from The Green Dragon Awards

Cirdan from Mithlond Awards

Maeglor Award from Valaina Awards

Most Informative from Forgotten Whispers

Best Book Related from MTA

Best Informational from MTA

Best Content from Vanya Nu

Scrolls of Ages from Dreams of the Fourth Age

Most Informative from SSA

Best Elven Site from Thorin’s Company Awards

Most Informative from Thorin’s Company Awards

The Last Homely House Award from The Dúnedain Awards

Elvish from TRA

Best Info from TRA

Best Book Related from Unik Awards

Best Book Related Site from White Lady Awards

Best Layout from The Legend Comes to Life


Best Site Name from There is Still Hope

Best Website Name from Enchanted Lothlothrien

Gil-Galad Award from Iridescent Awards

Hobbiton Award from The Dúnedain Awards

Best Site Name from SSA

To Me

Most Devoted Webowner from Forgotten Whispers

Most Helpful Webowner from Forgotten Whispers

Special Astaldo Ambar Award from Astaldo Ambar

Thank You dreamingfifi from Forgotten Whispers

Happy New Year from The Legend Comes to Life