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Elvish Poetry

Elvish Poem: Glaer Boromir

Since this poem is for Boromir, a Gondorian, I’ve put it in the Gondorian dialect of Sindarin. You’ll notice that it leans heavily of Quenya loanwords and uses slightly different mutations than other dialects of Sindarin. Boromir’s Riddle Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien Cesto1 grist *rangen:2 Mi Imladris

Elvish Poem: Sui Guil

Such is Life Mi moth gwilwileth ortha, A sîr lhûg ‘ond awartha. Sui guil, sui guil. Or ael heledir dortha, Di ‘olf dhannen lim dartha. Sui guil, sui guil. Mi ‘aladh melethyr1 erthar, Nu Ithil ‘ael aderthar. Sui guil, sui guil. In a pond, a butterfly rises, By a stream,