Random Name Generator

The main character of your next story will be named Brui "Loud/Noisy (Gender-Neutral)" in, Sindarin.

Their spouse/love interest will be named Baradhion "Son of Steep One (Male)" in, Sindarin.

Their best friend will be named Acharephen "Vengeance Person (Gender-Neutral)" in, Doriathren Sindarin, Woodelven Sindarin.

Their enemy will be named Orel "Day/Morning Star (Gender-Neutral)", Sindarin Compound Names.

Their home will be named Aelgun "Bow-Shaped Lake" in, Gondorian Sindarin Compound Names.

Their weapon will be named Amather "Red/Copper-colored Shield" in, Woodelven Sindarin Compound Names.

A formative event in their life will be known as Acharchran "Red-faced Vengeance", Woodelven Sindarin Compound Names.

The ship that they sail to Valinor on will be called Alphen "White Swan" in, Woodelven Sindarin Compound Names.

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