Random Name Generator

The main character of your next story will be named Cúliel "Daughter of Load (Female)" in Sindarin.

Their spouse/love interest will be named Adviriel "Daughter of Heirloom (Female)" in Sindarin.

Their best friend will be named Conuihel "Commanding/Ruling Girl (Female)" in Sindarin.

Their enemy will be named Carasson "City Boy (Male)" in Sindarin.

Their home will be named Adabeleg "Large/Great House/Building" in Sindarin.

Their weapon will be named Eithagarwaen "Bloodstained Spearpoint" in Doriathren Sindarin.

A formative event in their life will be known as Acharnistui "Learned Vengeance" in Doriathren Sindarin and Woodelven Sindarin.

The ship that they sail to Valinor on will be called Bainalph "Beautiful Swan" in Gondorian Sindarin.

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