Random Name Generator

The main character of your next story will be named Angreniel "Daughter of Iron One ()" in Sindarin.

Their spouse/love interest will be named Amathiel "Daughter of Shield (Female)" in Sindarin.

Their best friend will be named Amdirthir "Straight/Right Hope (Gender-Neutral)" in Sindarin.

Their enemy will be named Celebreniel "Daughter of Silver One (Female)" in Sindarin.

Their home will be named Apharhael "Very Dry Lake" in Sindarin.

Their weapon will be named Aithagar "Spearpoint of Blood" in Sindarin.

A formative event in their life will be known as Aharedan "Long Vengeance" in Sindarin.

The ship that they sail to Valinor on will be called Banalph "Beautiful Swan" in Sindarin.

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