Random Name Generator

Welcome to the Realelvish Random Name Generator! This name generator works a bit differently from others on the internet.

  1. A program isn’t doing the name-making. That means no random syllable games being passed off as Tolkien’s languages.
  2. Tolkien isn’t doing the name-making either. These are unique names for your unique characters.
  3. The names generated here are all made by the translators of this website.
  4. If you click on a generated name, you can see information on how the name was created and what name lists on the website it can be found in.
  5. The generator is randomly selecting from a database of over 7 thousand names, the same names that are in this website’s Name Lists.

All this means that you will get unique names that you can trust are linguistically sound. Enjoy!

The main character of your next story will be named:

Awaldion: Son of Excited One (Male) in Valinor Quenya

Their spouse/love interest will be named:

Airendil “Lover of the Sea (Gender-Neutral)” in Quenya

Their best friend will be named:

Téro “Straight/Right One (Male)” in Quenya

Their enemy will be named:

Cumna “Empty (Gender-Neutral)” in Quenya

Their horse will be named:

Roccotári “Lady of Horses” in Quenya

Their weapon will be named:

Amathaen “Holy Shield” in Doriathren Sindarin and Gondorian Sindarin

The ship that they sail to Valinor on will be called:

Shakalzôr “Sea-flame” in Adûnaic

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If you want custom names made to fit your characters’ back-stories by one of our translators, go to the Translation Requests page.

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