Quenya Namelists

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This name list was created for names given by Vanyar and Noldor in Valinor, and the Númenórean kings. Before choosing a name, review the Elven Naming Traditions of Valinor page to make certain you know how to choose a name.

As a language, what we call “Quenya” covers a very large space in time. While the language didn’t change much over the years, it changed a little, with the loss of some consonants. The dates are a little vague, but we can guess from Fëanor throwing a fit over people miss-pronouncing his mother’s name, Therindë, that the language was changing. For a basic guideline, you can say that Old Quenya predates the exile of the Noldor. The Vanyar’s speech changes much more slowly, so they would continue using the pre-Exilic Quenya forms. The Quenya that the Númenoreans know is the Exilic Quenya, so that’s what they would use.