Quenya Namelists

Valinor Quenya Namelists

For the Elves of Valinor, the Noldor before they left and the Vanyar.

Exilic Quenya Namelists

For the Noldorin Exiles who live in Middle-earth, and the Númenórean (and their descendants) names for their kings and queens.

This name list was created for names given by Vanyar and Noldor in Valinor, and the Númenórean kings. Before choosing a name, review the Elven Naming Traditions of Valinor page to make certain you know how to choose a name.

As a language, what we call “Quenya” covers a very large space in time. While the language didn’t change much over the years, it changed a little, with the loss of some consonants. The dates are a little vague, but we can guess from Fëanor throwing a fit over people miss-pronouncing his mother’s name, Therindë, that the language was changing. For a basic guideline, you can say that Old Quenya predates the exile of the Noldor. The Vanyar’s speech changes much more slowly, so they would continue using the pre-Exilic Quenya forms. The Quenya that the Númenoreans know is the Exilic Quenya, so that’s what they would use.