Orcish Names

These names are made from the few Orcish words and names that Tolkien left us. They aren’t in line with the Orcish from the Hobbit movies (these names were made before then). We don’t have anyone (yet) devoted to the study of Orish, so this is the best we can do. Also, the pronunciation given for the names is only our best guess at this point.

AshologOne TrollView
AshurukOne OrcView
BúbhoshumGreat OneView
DugbúrzDark FilthView
GûlbúbhoshGreat Wraith/MagicianView
GûlburzumWraith/Magician of DarknessView
GûlghâshWraith/Magician of FireView
GhâshbúrzDark FireView
GlobukAll FoolsView
OlogbúrzDark TrollView
PushdugDung FilthView
SharkûOld ManView
SnagabúrzDark SlaveView
SnagaburzumSlave of DarknessView
SnagagûlSlave of the Wraith/MagicianView
SnagaghâshSlave of FireView
SnagasharkûSlave of the Old ManView
UrukbúrzDark OrcView