Orcish Names

These names are made from the few Orcish words and names that Tolkien left us. They aren’t in line with the Orcish from the Hobbit movies (these names were made before then). We don’t have anyone (yet) devoted to the study of Orcish, so this is the best we can do.

Asholog - One Troll

Ashuruk - One Orc

Bagronk - Cesspool

Búbhoshum - Great One

Burzum - Darkness

Dugbúrz - Dark Filth

Ghâshbúrz - Dark Fire

Globuk - All Fools

Gûlbúbhosh - Great Wraith/Magician

Gûlburzum - Wraith/Magician of Darkness

Gûlghâsh - Wraith/Magician of Fire

Ologbúrz - Dark Troll

Pushdug - Dung Filth

Sharkû - Old Man

Snagabúrz - Dark Slave

Snagaburzum - Slave of Darkness

Snagaghâsh - Slave of Fire

Snagagûl - Slave of the Wraith/Magician

Snagasharkû - Slave of the Old Man

Urukbúrz - Dark Orc