Dialogue is one of the most important tools a writer can have to build a character. Many authors try to use Elvish to give the dialogue a more authentic feel, and it should work. After all, Tolkien used this trick very successfully. However, there’s a very big difference between Tolkien and the Elvish sprinkling writer. Tolkien actually knew Elvish; and most of the time, the author does not. Because of this handy cap, many writers fall victim to Grelvish. Fear no longer! Here is a trustworthy source for Elvish dialogue.

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Quenya Phrasebooks

For the Elves in and from Aman, as well as Gondorian and Númenórean royalty.

Sindarin Phrasebooks

The Lingua Franca of the Elves of Middle-earth.

Adûnaic Phrasebook

The language of the people of Númenor.

Orcish Insults and Curses

Just a handful of curses and insults for your orc villains to yell as they raid your hero’s villages.

Elven Wedding Vows

For Elven marriages in Valinor and in Middle-earth.

If you play LotRO, this is a plugin I helped develop: LotRO Neo-Sindarin Plugin

If you want an Elvish section on your website, I put together two little phrasebooks just for you: 101 Sindarin Phrases and 101 Quenya Phrases (opens in new window).

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