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Elvish Poem: I Lairë Cormo Minë

The One Ring Poem Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien Translated into Quenya by Fiona Jallings Photo by Erik Stein =ˆ=`B jlE7F aH6t^ t%5$=ˆ= Cormar neldë aranin Eldaron nu hellë, Otso heruin Casaron hrótantassen ondova, Nertë firimë Atanin martainë firë, Minë Morna Herun morna mahalmaryassë Morinóressë yassë lumbuli caitar.

Words and Poems

A bigger than usual update for today. I posted two new Sindarin poems: I Chiril os Salod and Ollas Nin o hAuth. I cleaned up the Word Lists page, and got rid of the old wordlists (Except the Adûnaic Dictionary, that has aged much more gracefully). They’re outdated, we have