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Sarah in Elvish

Sarah, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient Hebrew name meaning “lady, princess.”


The Quenya word for “lady” is Heri, and the word for “Princess (daughter of the king)” is Aranel.

Now, we can leave these as they are, but for an Elven name, they are more like a title and not a name. To make this more like a name, let’s add some adjectives to Heri.

Muinaheri – Secret Lady
Lelyaheri – Delicate Lady
Hrávaheri – Wild Lady
Vanwaheri – Lost Lady
Failaheri – Fair-minded/Just Lady

Aranel sound like a Father Name, a name given to an infant before their personality is known. This sort of name is used more like how we use a surname, and would be used by anyone the character isn’t in an intimate relationship with.


The Sindarin words for “lady” are Hiril, Heryn, Arwen, and Rodel. The word for “princess (daughter of the Queen)” is Brethil.

In a Middle-earth context Arwen, Rodel, and Brethil are all like names and don’t have to be changed. Arwen “noble girl” and Rodel “noble woman” are suitable for personal names because they are adjectives added too common name endings. Brethil is more like a Father Name. Let’s add some adjectives to Hiril and Heryn to make them less like a title and more like a personal name.

Secret Lady: Thurichiril and Thuricheryn.
Delicate Lady: Deilchiril and Deilcheryn.
Wild Lady: Rhóchiril and Rhócheryn.
Lost Lady: Gwanwechiril and Gwanwecheryn.
Fair-minded/Just Lady: Faelchiril and Faelcheryn.

Sarah, I hope that you found this article interesting and useful!

If you’d like your name translated in this series, comment below and I’ll consider it for a future article!


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Wiktionary “Sarah” Last Edited: July 2nd, 2021.

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