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Joseph in Elvish

Joseph, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient Hebrew name meaning “he adds [to].”

Elven languages don’t have sentences in their names. Instead, we’ll take the verb “to add [to]” and use agental suffixes to make it mean “one who adds [to].”


Sindarin has two verbs that are really close to this meaning: Ovra “to abound, to increase/exist/have in great numbers” and Anna “to give, to add [to].”

Gender Neutral: Ovror and Annor.

Masculine: Ovron and Ónor.

Feminine, because Josephine and Josefa exist too: Evril and Óneth.

For your Middle-earth characters, this name is okay, but it’s a little vague. I’d add what the character is a giver/abounder of to the name. This makes the name a good nickname or title for the other characters to give them.

Giver of Treasure: Mírannor, (m) Míronor, and (f) Míroneth.

Abounder of Treasure: Mírovror, (m) Mírovron, and (f) Mírevril.

Giver of Cooked Food: Aessannor, (m) Aessonor, and (f) Aessoneth.

Abounder of Cooked Food: Aessovror, (m) Aessovron, and (f) Aessevril.

And just for fun, Abounder of Hats: Carabovror, (m) Carabovron, and (f) Carabevril.


Quenya has two verbs close in meaning, Napane “to add” and Anta “to give, to add [to].”

Gender Neutral: Antar and Napanar

Masculine: Anto and Napanindo

Feminine: Ante and Napaninde

For your elves, these work as names, but they are pretty vague. I suggest including a noun for them to give.

Giver of Treasure: Harmantar, (m) Harmanto, and (f) Harmante.

Giver of Food: Mattantar, (m) Mattanto, and (f) Mattante.

And for fun, Giver of Hairnets: Carreantar, (m) Carreanto, and (f) Carreante.

Joseph, I hope that you found this article interesting and useful!

If you’d like your name translated in this series, comment below and I’ll consider it for a future article!


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    This is insane exactly what i was looking for made my day thanks a lot :)

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