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Jeffrey in Elvish

Jeff, your name is really cool! It’s an old Germanic name meaning “Good Peace.”


In Sindarin the word for “good” is Maer and the word for “peace” is Sîdh.

Put these together and you get: Maerhidh or Sidhvaer. The word order is variable, with the first reflecting an old word order, and the second being a much more Sindarin word order. We’re not adding any name suffixes to these, or they’d sound like a Father name instead of a personal name. This also means that they’re be default gender neutral.

This is a great name for your Middle-earth characters, no changes necessary!


The Quenya word for “good” is Mára and the word for “peace” is Sére.

Put these together and you get a gender-neutral name: Márasére.

For a masculine name: Máraséro.

For a feminine name: Márasérie.

Again, these are all great names for your Elves.

Jeff, I hope that you found this article interesting and useful!

If you’d like your name translated in this series, comment below and I’ll consider it for a future article!


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  1. Timothy (TRiG) | | Reply

    I love the research. How about my own name, Timothy, which is Greek in origin? Is Eru mentioned in attested Elvish names?

  2. Josh Boyette | | Reply

    How about Josh?

  3. Carolyn Woodall | | Reply

    I would love to see the Sindarin and Quenya of Carolyn which I know is the feminine of Charles.

    • Fiona J. | | Reply

      You bet! It’s already on the list!

  4. Colin Woodall | | Reply

    Could you do Colin in Elvish? Sindarin or Quenya. It can be derived either from Caelan in Celtic or as a derivative of Nicholas which is Greek

    • Fiona J. | | Reply

      Sounds like a great name to add to the list!

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