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Edward in Elvish

Edward, your name is really cool! It’s an Old English name that means “Wealth Guard.”


The word for “wealth” is Maelig, but this is connected to the word for “greed, lust” and therefore has a negative connotation.  An alternate way to translate “wealth” is with the word for “treasure, jewel,” which is Mîr.

The word for “guard” is Tirn.

Put these together and you get gender neutral names: Maeligdirn and Mirthirn.

These are all great personal names for your Middle-earth characters. I could see it being for someone who is greedy and miserly, or someone who protects that which is precious to them.


The Quenya word for “wealth” is Aurie, and the word for “richness” is Lar. Lar is also the word for “fat,” but an Elf wouldn’t see this as a negative, since having fat indicates prosperity and health. Aurie is a vaguer term, meaning “a person’s possessions” whether they have a lot or only a little. Thus, I add Míre “treasure, jewel” to the ways of translating Ēad.

For “Guard,” we have Tír, which is gender-neutral, and Tirmo which is masculine.

Put these together and you get these gender-neutral names: Aurietir, Lartir, and Míretir.

And these masculine names: Aurietirmo, Lartirmo, and Míretirmo.

Like in Sindarin, these names are great for your Elf characters. They sound like they could be a Mother Name, a Chosen Name, or maybe a nickname as well.

Edward, I hope that you found this article interesting and useful!

If you’d like your name translated in this series, comment below and I’ll consider it for a future article!


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  1. Barbara | | Reply

    I recently lost my husband
    His name is Edward we have three grown children my husband gave our children for fun the elven names of Olo wilibald and tigerlilly
    We would like to know what Edwards name would have looked like in elven

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