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Fiona in Elvish

Etymology of Fiona

Hi! My name is Fiona. My name is pretty darn cool! It’s a simple name – just the word for “White.” Some Latin-speakers slapped an -A at the end to make the masculine name Fionn into a feminine name. This word for “white” had come to be associated with hair

John in Elvish

John, your name is really cool! The Abrahamic religions imported it all over the place, meaning that many names that you never considered to be the same name might be yet another a version of Yohanan. The graphic represents only a tiny fraction of the variants of this name, not

Jennifer in Elvish

Etymology of Jennifer

Jennifer, your name is really cool. It’s a cognate of an Irish goddess’s name, known as Findabair. Or Finnabair. Or Fionnabhair. It’s a lovely name with a long history, likely reaching back to Proto-Celtic languages. It’s most likely a compound of “Gwindos – White” and “Sēbarā – Spirit/Fairy/Phantom.” Sindarin Sindarin

Elvish Poem: I Lairë Cormo Minë

The One Ring Poem Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien Translated into Quenya by Fiona Jallings Photo by Erik Stein =ˆ=`B jlE7F aH6t^ t%5$=ˆ= Cormar neldë aranin Eldaron nu hellë, Otso heruin Casaron hrótantassen ondova, Nertë firimë Atanin martainë firë, Minë Morna Herun morna mahalmaryassë Morinóressë yassë lumbuli caitar.