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Elvish Poem: I Lairë Cormo Minë

The One Ring Poem Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien Translated into Quenya by Fiona Jallings =ˆ=`B jlE7F aH6t^ ñ=ˆ= Cormar neldë aranin Eldaron nu hellë, Otso heruin Casaron hrótantassen ondova, Nertë firimë Atanin martainë firë, Minë Morna Herun morna mahalmaryassë Morinóressë yassë lumbuli caitar. Corma Minë turutat, Corma

Words and Poems

A bigger than usual update for today. I posted two new Sindarin poems: I Chiril os Salod and Ollas Nin o hAuth. I cleaned up the Word Lists page, and got rid of the old wordlists (Except the Adûnaic Dictionary, that has aged much more gracefully). They’re outdated, we have