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Dorothy in Elvish

Dorothy, your name is really cool! It’s an Ancient Greek name meaning “gift of a god.”

The word “theós” is a generic word for “a god,” not a name for a specific god. Therefore, translating this will be much easier than other deity-themed names.


The word for “gift” is Anna, and the word for “a god” is Aino or Vala.

Gender-neutral: Valanna and Ainoanna.

Feminine: Valanne and Ainoanne.

Masculine: Valanno and Ainoanno.

For your Elven characters… this is a pretty weird name. Perhaps you could use it as a Mothername, if it’s connected to a prophecy.


The word for “gift” is Ann, and the word for “a god” is Aenor, Balan, or Rodon. Aenor and Rodon are compound words, an adjective with a masculine agental suffix, so we’ll keep them at the end of the name and switch out the masculine agental suffixes with feminine agental suffixes.

Gender-neutral: Balanan and Ambalan.

Feminine: Annaeneth and Androdeth.

Masculine: Annaenor and Androdon.

As names for a character in Middle-earth, these would be really conceited. But, if it’s a name given by one of the parents of the character, it’d make a lot more sense.

Dorothy, I hope that you found this article interesting and useful!

If you’d like your name translated in this series, comment below and I’ll consider it for a future article!


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