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Words and Poems

A bigger than usual update for today.

I posted two new Sindarin poems: I Chiril os Salod and Ollas Nin o hAuth.

I cleaned up the Word Lists page, and got rid of the old wordlists (Except the Adûnaic Dictionary, that has aged much more gracefully). They’re outdated, we have no one interested in updating them. Rather than keep the molding material there, I got rid of it. I’ve decided to revise what this section of the website will be used for. So, I made three new pages – Quenya Cases, Quenya Pronouns, and Sindarin Pronouns, which are designed to be quick reference charts for translators. I’m also deleting the Pronouns, Race, Compass Directions, Family words, and Numbers sections of the phrasebooks, and I’ll instead put these specialized wordlists in the Word Lists page. The time and date related wordlists are repeats of the articles in the Time section, so I deleted them too. This lets me structure the material more effectively according to the type of word I’m dealing with. Most of these changes won’t be seen in the phrasebooks right away, but when Phil and I finish the new interfaces for the phrasebooks. We’re still a few weeks away from posting the first new database interface. Phil’s been working really hard on it!


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