Quenya Pronouns

Quenya Pronouns are well-documented. Tolkien described them many times. The ones that aren’t attested in the source material are colored red. I’ve organized them according to case, person, and number.

It should be noted that Tolkien changed his mind on what the pronouns would be a few times over the years. This chart is aimed at Tolkien’s later work on Quenya.

Independent Pronouns

Singular Plural Dual

Pronouns, Without Case-inflections Attached

1st Exclusive ni me met
Vanyarin 1st Inclusive we wet
Exilic 1st Inclusive ve vet
2nd Familiar tye
2nd Reverential le/lye le/lye let/lyet
3rd te
3rd Inanimate sa
3rd Animate se
Close si/sin sinar sinat
Far ta/sa te
Indefinite Animate mo
Indefinite Inanimate ma

Possessive Pronouns

Vanyarin 1st Exclusive ninya menya mentya
Exilic 1st Exclusive ninya menya menya
Vanyarin 1st Inclusive wenya wentya
Exilic 1st Inclusive venya venya
2nd Familiar tyenya
Vanyarin 2nd Reverential lenya/lyenya lenya/lyenya lentya/lyentya
Exilic 2nd Reverential lenya/lyenya lenya/lyenya lenya/lyenya
3rd tenya tunya
3rd Inanimate sanya
3rd Animate senya

Reflexive Pronouns

1st Exclusive imni imme immet
1st Inclusive inwe inwet
Vanyarin 2nd Familiar intye
Exilic 2nd Familiar inte
2nd Reverential inde inde indu
3rd inte intu
3rd Inanimate insa
3rd Animate inse
Indefinite Animate immo
Indefinite Inanimate imma

Emphatic Pronouns

1st Exclusive inye elme emme
Vanyarin 1st Inclusive elwe engwe/inque
Exilic 1st Inclusive elve engwe/inque
2nd Familiar etye
2nd Reverential elye elde/elle este
3rd inte/ilte ette
3rd Inanimate essa
3rd Animate esse

Pronominal Suffixes

Singular Plural Dual

Verb Suffix

1st Exclusive -(i)nye -lme -mme
Archaic 1st Inclusive -lwe -ngwe/-(i)nque
Exilic 1st Inclusive -lve -ngwe/-(i)nque
2nd Familiar -tye
2nd Reverential -lye -lde/-lle -ste
3rd -(i)nte/-(i)lte -tte
3rd Inanimate -ssa
3rd Animate -sse

Possessive Suffix

1st Exclusive -(i)nya -lma -mma
Vanyarin 1st Inclusive -lwa -ngwa/-(i)nqua
Exilic 1st Inclusive -lva -ngwa/-(i)nqua
2nd Familiar -tya
2nd Reverential -lya -lda/-lla -sta
Vanyarin 3rd -ya/-zya -(i)nta/-(i)lta -twa
Exilic 3rd -ya/-rya -(i)nta/-(i)lta -twa

Shortened Nominative Verb Suffix

1st -n
2nd Familiar -t
2nd Reverential -l -l
3rd -s

Shortened Accusative Verb Suffix

3rd -s -t

Verb Suffix With a Noun Subject

3rd NOTHING -r -tte

Demonstrative Adjectives

Singular Plural
Close, Immediate sina sine
Far sana/tana/tanya sane/tane/tanye
Far, in the Past yana yane
Far, in the Future enta ente

Demonstrative Pronouns With Case-inflections

Close English Far English
Instrumental sinen using this, by these means tanen using that, by those means
Genetive sio hence, of this thence, of that
Ablative silo hence, from this talo thence, from that
Respective sís near here tas near there
Locative sisse in here tasse in there
Allative sir/sira/sinna hither, towards this tar/tara/tanna thither, towards that

Miscellaneous Demonstratives

Close English Far English Long Ago English
Place-Words sinome this place tanome/sanome that place
Time-Words silume this time talume/salume that time yalúme that time long ago
Matter-Words sima this matter tama that matter
Time now then long ago
Adverb sie thus, like this ta so, like that
Adjective síte of this sort taite of that sort

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