Quenya Case Suffixes

Quenya noun-cases are well-documented. The ones that aren’t attested in the source material are colored red. I’ve organized them according to case and number. This is only a quick reference chart for translators already familiar with Quenya. For everyone else, this chart won’t be very useful.

Singular Plural Dual
Nominative NOTHING -r/-i -t/-u
(Archaic Only) Accusative Vowel at the End Lengthens -i -t/-u
Genetive -o/-éno -ron/-ion -to/-uo
Archaic Possessive -wa/-éwa -iwa/-íwa -twa/-uwa
Exilic Possessive -va/-wa/-éva -iva/-íva -twa/-uva
Dative -(e)n/-na -in -(e)nt/-uen
Locative -(e)sse -(e)ssen -(e)tse
Allative -(e)nna -(e)nnar -(e)nta/-unna
Ablative -(e)llo -(e)llon/-(e)llor -(e)lto/-ullo
Instrumental -(e)nen -inen/-ínen -(e)nten/-unen
(Archaic Only) Respective -(e)s -is -(e)st/-us

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