masculine agental suffix

Names made with this word:

Ahyaro Transformer (Male) Quenya
Ahyarion Son of Transformer (Male) Quenya
Aistaro Blesser (Male) Quenya
Aistarion Son of Blesser (Male) Quenya
Alaro Planter (Male) Quenya
Alarion Son of Planter (Male) Quenya
Alyaro Helper (Male) Quenya
Alyarion Son of Helper (Male) Quenya
Antaro Giver (Male) Quenya
Antarion Son of Giver (Male) Quenya
Arcaro Petitioner (Male) Quenya
Arcarion Son of Petitioner (Male) Quenya
Asyaro Easer/Assister/Comforter (Male) Exilic Quenya
Asyarion Son of Easer/Assister/Comforter (Male) Exilic Quenya
Aþyaro Easer/Assister/Comforter (Male) Valinor Quenya
Aþyarion Son of Easer/Assister/Comforter (Male) Valinor Quenya
Autaro Inventor (Male) Quenya
Autarion Son of Inventor (Male) Quenya
Carastaro Builder (Male) Quenya
Carastarion Son of Builder (Male) Quenya
Cendaro Watcher/Reader (Male) Quenya
Cendarion Son of Watcher/Reader (Male) Quenya
Cestaro Seeker/Searcher (Male) Quenya
Cestarion Son of Seeker/Searcher (Male) Quenya
Ceutaro Renewer/Refresher (Male) Quenya
Ceutarion Son of Renewer/Refresher (Male) Quenya
Comyaro Collector (Male) Quenya
Comyarion Son of Collector (Male) Quenya
Costaro Quarreler (Male) Quenya
Costarion Son of Quarreler (Male) Quenya
Cunyaro Ruler (Male) Quenya
Cunyarion Son of Ruler (Male) Quenya
Estaro Namer (Male) Quenya
Estarion Son of Namer (Male) Quenya
Etelehtaro Savior (Male) Quenya
Etelehtarion Son of Savior (Male) Quenya
Halyaro Veiler/Concealer (Male) Quenya
Halyarion Son of Veiler/Concealer (Male) Quenya
Hilyaro Follower (Male) Quenya
Hilyarion Son of Follower (Male) Quenya
Hloitaro Poisoner (Male) Quenya
Hloitarion Son of Poisoner (Male) Quenya
Hrangaro Saboteur (Male) Quenya
Hrangarion Son of Saboteur (Male) Quenya
Hútaro Curser (Male) Quenya
Hútarion Son of Curser (Male) Quenya
Ilcaro One Who Gleams White (Male) Quenya
Ilcarion Son of One Who Gleams White (Male) Quenya
Intyaro Guesser (Male) Quenya
Intyarion Son of Guesser (Male) Quenya
Lahtaro Surpasser (Male) Quenya
Lahtarion Son of Surpasser (Male) Quenya
Laitaro Blesser/Praiser (Male) Quenya
Laitarion Son of Blesser/Praiser (Male) Quenya
Lalaro Laugher (Male) Quenya
Lalarion Son of Laugher (Male) Quenya
Lalaro Denier (Male) Quenya
Lalarion Son of Denier (Male) Quenya
Lanyaro Weaver (Male) Quenya
Lanyarion Son of Weaver (Male) Quenya
Lastaro Listener (Male) Quenya
Lastarion Son of Listener (Male) Quenya
Lelyaro Traveler (Male) Quenya
Lelyarion Son of Traveler (Male) Quenya
Lemyaro One Who Remained (Male) Quenya
Lemyarion Son of One Who Remained (Male) Quenya
Leryaro Releaser/Freer (Male) Quenya
Leryarion Son of Releaser/Freer (Male) Quenya
Liltaro Dancer (Male) Quenya
Liltarion Son of Dancer (Male) Quenya
Lindaro Musician (Male) Quenya
Lindarion Son of a Musician (Male) Quenya
Loitaro Failer (Male) Quenya
Loitarion Son of Failer (Male) Quenya
Luhtaro Enchanter (Male) Quenya
Luhtarion Son of Enchanter (Male) Quenya
Mahtaro Warrior (Male) Quenya
Mahtarion Son of Warrior (Male) Quenya
Mancaro Trader (Male) Quenya
Mancarion Son of Trader (Male) Quenya
Mantaro Blesser (Male) Quenya
Mantarion Son of Blesser (Male) Quenya
Manyaro Blesser (Male) Quenya
Manyarion Son of Blesser (Male) Quenya
Mastaro Baker (Male) Quenya
Mastarion Son of Baker (Male) Quenya
Mistaro Wanderer (Male) Quenya
Mistarion Son of Wanderer (Male) Quenya
Mittanyaro Leader (Male) Quenya
Mittanyarion Son of Leader (Male) Quenya
Nahtaro Slayer (Male) Quenya
Nahtarion Son of Slayer (Male) Quenya
Nainaro Lamenter (Male) Quenya
Nainarion Son of Lamenter (Male) Quenya
Nambaro Hammerer (Male) Quenya
Nambarion Son of Hammerer (Male) Quenya
Nandaro Harper (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñandaro Harper (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nandarion Son of Harper (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñandarion Son of Harper (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nehtaro Depriver (Male) Quenya
Nehtarion Son of Depriver (Male) Quenya
Netyaro Adorner (Male) Quenya
Netyarion Son of Adorner (Male) Quenya
Nortaro Rider (Male) Quenya
Nortarion Son of Rider (Male) Quenya
Nurtaro Hider (Male) Quenya
Nurtarion Son of Hider (Male) Quenya
Nwalyaro Tormenter (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñwalyaro Tormenter (Male) Valinor Quenya
Nwalyarion Son of Tormenter (Male) Exilic Quenya
Ñwalyarion Son of Tormenter (Male) Valinor Quenya
Panyaro Fixer (Male) Quenya
Panyarion Son of Fixer (Male) Quenya
Pataro Walker (Male) Quenya
Patarion Son of Walker (Male) Quenya
Quentaro Narrator (Male) Quenya
Quentarion Son of Narrator (Male) Quenya
Raitaro Smiler (Male) Quenya
Raitarion Son of Smiler (Male) Quenya
Raitaro Fisher/Trapper (Male) Quenya
Raitarion Son of Fisher/Trapper (Male) Quenya
Ranyaro One who Strays/Wanderer (Male) Quenya
Ranyarion Son of One who Strays/Wanderer (Male) Quenya
Rátaro One who Excels/Surpasser (Male) Quenya
Rátarion Son of One who Excels/Surpasser (Male) Quenya
Rehtaro Rescuer/Saver (Male) Quenya
Rehtarion Son of Rescuer/Saver (Male) Quenya
Rembaro Fisher/Trapper (Male) Quenya
Rembarion Son of Fisher/Trapper (Male) Quenya
Rihtaro Twitcher (Male) Quenya
Rihtarion Son of Twitcher (Male) Quenya
Ristaro Cutter/Cleaver (Male) Quenya
Ristarion Son of Cutter/Cleaver (Male) Quenya
Roitaro Pursuer/Hunter (Male) Quenya
Roitarion Son of Pursuer/Hunter (Male) Quenya
Ruhtaro Terrorist (Male) Quenya
Ruhtarion Son of Terrorist (Male) Quenya
Rúnaro Freer (Male) Quenya
Rúnarion Son of Freer (Male) Quenya
Sanaro Thinker/Reflecter (Male) Quenya
Sanarion Son of Thinker/Reflecter (Male) Quenya
Sintaro One who Fades/Turns Grey (Male) Exilic Quenya
Sintarion Son of One who Fades/Turns Grey (Male) Exilic Quenya
Þintaro One who Fades/Turns Grey (Male) Valinor Quenya
Þintarion Son of One who Fades/Turns Grey (Male) Valinor Quenya
Tintilaro One who Twinkles (Male) Quenya
Tintilarion Son of One who Twinkles (Male) Quenya
Tiuyaro One who Swells Up/Gets Fat (Male) Quenya
Tiuyarion Son of One who Swells Up/Gets Fat (Male) Quenya
Tultaro Fetcher/Summoner (Male) Quenya
Tultarion Son of Fetcher/Summoner (Male) Quenya
Tulyaro Leader (Male) Quenya
Tulyarion Son of Leader (Male) Quenya
Vahtaro Soiler/Stainer (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vahtarion Son of Soiler/Stainer (Male) Exilic Quenya
Valyaro Excitable One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Valyarion Son of Excitable One (Male) Exilic Quenya
Varyaro Protecter (Male) Quenya
Varyarion Son of Protecter (Male) Quenya
Vasaryaro Veiler (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vasaryarion Son of Veiler (Male) Exilic Quenya
Viryaro Transformer (Male) Exilic Quenya
Viryarion Son of Transformer (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vistaro Changer (Male) Exilic Quenya
Vistarion Son of Changer (Male) Exilic Quenya
Wahtaro Soiler/Stainer (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wahtarion Son of Soiler/Stainer (Male) Valinor Quenya
Walyaro Excitable One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Walyarion Son of Excitable One (Male) Valinor Quenya
Waþaryaro Veiler (Male) Valinor Quenya
Waþaryarion Son of Veiler (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wiryaro Transformer (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wiryarion Son of Transformer (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wistaro Changer (Male) Valinor Quenya
Wistarion Son of Changer (Male) Valinor Quenya
Yangaro Yawner (Male) Quenya
Yangarion Son of Yawner (Male) Quenya
Yestaro Desirer (Male) Quenya
Yestarion Son of Desirer (Male) Quenya

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