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Elvish Poem: I ‘Laer Pador

The Riddle of Strider

Original English by J. R. R. Tolkien

Ilnad i valt law1 thilia,
Rendir al-bain mistar;
I vrûn i belt law bêl,
Nais2 law raetha3 thynd dym.

Naur o lith cuidannen4
Calad uiñ gwaith tuia
Cŷr i grist rangen5
Pen bedh-ri ad-ol6 aran.

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1. Law
A general negation particle, meaning “don’t, not, no” based on the Quenya word .
2. Nais
Frost. Based on the Quenya word nixe.
3. Raetha-
To reach. Based on the ancient root RAK “to stretch out.”
4. Cuida-
To waken, rouse. Based on the Quenya word cuita-.
5. Rag-
To break. Based on the Quenya word rac-. Its passive participle is rangen.
6. Ol-
To become. Based on the Quenya word ol-.

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