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For the Second Edition

This is a page devoted to the errors that I’ve found in my book (big ones, not typos!) and features that I’m thinking of adding to the next edition. If you have any ideas for the next edition, send me a message and we can talk about it. Tengwar and

Omentielva Otsëa

It may have been “Our Seventh Meeting” for some, but for me, it was the first. So many thoughts and feelings are whirling about in my brain, It’s difficult to put them to words, but I will try, none-the-less. When I started out at 15, I thought I was alone

New Name Chosen and Book News!

The new name for the Sindarin class website has been chosen: Realelvish Academy! I’m in the process of reorganizing the website to match the new textbook. The way I’m organizing it, I could add more classes to it. Things like, a Quenya course, or maybe a Thalas’sian course if I

Thank you 2016 Donators!

I’ve never received so many donations before! This has definitely broken all of my records. You guys are generous and thoughtful, and you make me so happy to be part of this fandom! There were a total of 18 donators this year, who donated a total of $1,077. This money

Updates to Donation Page

I have some updates to the Donation Page! People have tried to do monthly donations to me on Paypal, but found it cumbersome on their end. So, I’ve devised a way to re-create what Patreon does by creating a monthly payments button. I’ve included the most common donation amounts, and

Textbook Troubles

TLDR: Sindarin Class is on break until the website is fixed. If you’re a student in the current Sindarin class, you may have noticed some technical problems plaguing the textbook’s website. The menu has gone all wonky, certain pages are giving nothing but errors, and you can’t login. Well, it’s

Calendars and Other Little Updates

Because of the work I’m doing on the Neo-Sindarin textbook, I ended up giving the calendar pages a much-needed overhaul. In the Calendars of Arda essay, I removed the words I made for the Sindarin version (the Sindar weren’t interested in dates as much as others were, and the Noldor

Rowing in Eden

I handle all kinds of translation requests, including translating lyrics! If I translate lyrics for you, I’ll also help you learn how to pronounce them. That’s what I did for Rebekah Eden. Her album, “Rowing in Eden” that includes “In the Days” (the song with Sindarin in it) is available