Calendars and Other Little Updates

Because of the work I’m doing on the Neo-Sindarin textbook, I ended up giving the calendar pages a much-needed overhaul. In the Calendars of Arda essay, I removed the words I made for the Sindarin version (the Sindar weren’t interested in dates as much as others were, and the Noldor and the Gondorians preferred Quenya for this task) and I switched the comparative calendars over to Quenya.

Another change this has brought is a slight change to the Sindarin Pronouns wordlist. I added the suffix -nc because I think it is plausible for “you and I”.

Other than that, I cleaned the website of the dozens of broken links that were lingering from the previous versions of it. Broken links make search engines’ web-crawlers like your website less, and broken links are frustrating when you’re trying to find something. To my dismay, I found a few good websites had vanished, and the essays were hit pretty hard. By the way, if you know of a good essay or article about anything Tolkien/writing related, send me (dreamingfifi) a link through the contact page

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