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Guide for Adding Punctuation to the Tengwar and Cirth

I have left much of the punctuation off of the phrases, so that you can adjust the phrases to meet your needs. This will cover what can be removed, what can be added, and what to do when combining phrases. Tengwar Punctuation I left the tengwar transliterations without periods if

Terms and Conditions

Hi there! Welcome to the Terms and Conditions Page! Definitions: We/Us/Our/Ours = the translators and writers and web designers of I/Me/My/Mine = Fiona Jallings, the head translator and owner of You/Your/Yours = user of’s services. = these three websites:, the RealElvish Academy, and the RealElvish

About Neo-Elvish

A translation labeled “Neo-Elvish” just means that Tolkien didn’t do the translation, someone else did. That means that ANYTHING not directly attested by Tolkien is Neo-Elvish. All of the Elvish in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies is Neo-Elvish, and so are the translations on this website.

Exilic Quenya Namelists

These are names that are designed for Exiled Noldorin Elves in Middle-earth and Númenórean/Gondorian royalty. For the Númenóreans, if the language of the Sindar was considered a “High” language, then Quenya was even higher. They reserved it for only the highest proclamations and the names of their rulers. No naming

The Convention Foolscap

So, as you know, I’ve been going to a LOT of conventions since I published my book, A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin. Foolscap one was the most fun, by far. It’s a small convention, and it uses this to its advantage. It’s super friendly. It’s obvious from the moment that

For the Second Edition

The ink has barely had a chance to dry on the first edition, and I’m already planning the second edition of A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin. I just posted a page called “For the Second Edition” explaining mistakes that I plan on fixing in the next edition of the book,