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Thank you 2016 Donators!

I’ve never received so many donations before! This has definitely broken all of my records. You guys are generous and thoughtful, and you make me so happy to be part of this fandom!

There were a total of 18 donators this year, who donated a total of $1,077. This money was so helpful for me this year! I’ve got better webhosting with more bandwidth now, and I’m working on making a physical book version of the Neo-Sindarin textbook a reality, something I never imagined I’d get to do!

The donators are:

  • Adrian ($80)
  • Alestar ($45)
  • Andreas of Germany ($20)
  • Arno of the US ($100)
  • Corine ($9)
  • Ealendil of Laurelin ($25)
  • Edeline of Singapore ($75)
  • Elentra ($140)
  • Emilyrose ($25)
  • Gabriele of Germany ($60)
  • Kenneth of the US ($5)
  • Linda ($140)
  • Marcin of Poland ($5)
  • Misty ($30)
  • Pagona ($18)
  • Polly of Australia ($180)
  • Tavis of the UK ($110)
  • Tiga-rose of the UK ($10)

Thank you again, everyone! You’re helping me keep the website’s lights on, which is no small feat as it continues to grow in popularity (and bandwidth usage).

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