Valinor Quenya Physical Attribute Names

Quenya Pronunciation Guide

Anything that the 5 senses can tell us about a person, appearance, voice, scent, taste, or touch.

AlataLarge/Great (Gender-Neutral)View
AlatanerLarge/Great Man (Male)View
AlatanisLarge/Great Woman (Female)View
AlataquenLarge/Great Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AlatawenLarge/Great Girl (Female)View
AlateLarge/Great One (Female)View
AlatieLarge/Great One (Female)View
AlatielDaughter of Large/Great One (Female)View
AlatienLarge/Great (Female)View
AlationSon of Large/Great One (Male)View
AlatoLarge/Great One (Male)View
AlatonLarge/Great One (Male)View
AltaLarge (Gender-Neutral)View
AltanerLarge Man (Male)View
AltanisLarge Woman (Female)View
AltaquenLarge Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AltawenLarge Girl (Female)View
AlteLarge One (Female)View
AltielDaughter of Large One (Female)View
AltionSon of Large One (Male)View
AltoLarge One (Male)View
AltonLarge One (Male)View
AlwaHealthy/Strong/Flourishing (Gender-Neutral)View
AlwanerHealthy/Strong/Flourishing Man (Male)View
AlwanisHealthy/Strong/Flourishing Woman (Female)View
AlwaquenHealthy/Strong/Flourishing Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AlweHealthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Female)View
AlwieHealthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Female)View
AlwielDaughter of Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Female)View
AlwienHealthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Female)View
AlwionSon of Healthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Male)View
AlwoHealthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Male)View
AlwonHealthy/Strong/Flourishing One (Male)View
AndaLong (Gender-Neutral)View
AndanerLong Man (Male)View
AndanisLong Woman (Female)View
AndaquenLong Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AndawenLong Girl (Female)View
AndeLong One (Female)View
AndieLong One (Female)View
AndielDaughter of Long One (Female)View
AndienLong One (Female)View
AndionSon of Long One (Male)View
AndoLong One (Male)View
AndonLong One (Male)View
AngolStench (Gender-Neutral)View
AngolderStench Man (Male)View
AngoldisStench Woman (Female)View
AngoldoStench (Male)View
AngoleStench (Female)View
AngolieStench (Female)View
AngolielDaughter of Stench (Female)View
AngolienStench (Female)View
AngolionSon of Stench (Male)View
AngoloStench (Male)View
AngolonStench (Male)View
AngolquenStench Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AngolweStench Being (Gender-Neutral)View
AngolwenStench Girl (Female)View
AntaraVery High/Very Lofty (Gender-Neutral)View
AntaranerVery High/Very Lofty Man (Male)View
AntaranisVery High/Very Lofty Woman (Female)View
AntaraquenVery High/Very Lofty Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AntarawenVery High/Very Lofty Girl (Female)View
AntareVery High/Very Lofty One (Female)View
AntarieVery High/Very Lofty One (Female)View
AntarielDaughter of Very High/Very Lofty One (Female)View
AntarienVery High/Very Lofty One (Female)View
AntarionSon of Very High/Very Lofty One (Male)View
AntarnoVery High/Very Lofty One (Male)View
AntaroVery High/Very Lofty One (Male)View
AntaronVery High/Very Lofty One (Male)View
ArcaNarrow (Gender-Neutral)View
ArcanerNarrow Man (Male)View
ArcanisNarrow Woman (Female)View
ArcaquenNarrow Person (Gender-Neutral)View
ArcawenNarrow Girl (Female)View
ArceNarrow One (Female)View
ArcieNarrow One (Female)View
ArcielDaughter of Narrow One (Female)View
ArcienNarrow One (Female)View
ArcionSon of Narrow One (Male)View
ArcoNarrow One (Male)View
ArconNarrow One (Male)View
AuthaDim Shape/Apparition (Gender-Neutral)View
AuthanerDim Shape/Apparition Man (Male)View
AuthanisDim Shape/Apparition Woman (Female)View
AuthaquenDim Shape/Apparition Person (Gender-Neutral)View
AuthawenDim Shape/Apparition Girl (Female)View
AutheDim Shape/Apparition (Female)View
AuthieDim Shape/Apparition (Female)View
AuthielDaughter of Dim Shape/Apparition (Female)View
AuthienDim Shape/Apparition (Female)View
AuthionSon of Dim Shape/Apparition (Male)View
AuthoDim Shape/Apparition (Male)View
AuthonDim Shape/Apparition (Male)View
AuthweDim Shape/Apparition Being (Gender-Neutral)View
AxeBony One (Female)View
AxeaBony (Gender-Neutral)View
AxeaienBony One (Female)View
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