feminine agental suffix

Names made with this word:

Apseninde Forgiver (Female) Quenya
Apsenindiel Daughter of Forgiver (Female) Quenya
Capinde Jumper/Leaper (Female) Quenya
Capindiel Daughter of Jumper/Leaper (Female) Quenya
Cesinde Searcher/Examiner (Female) Quenya
Cesindiel Daughter of Searcher/Examiner (Female) Quenya
Ceþinde Searcher/Examiner (Female) Quenya
Ceþindiel Daughter of Searcher/Examiner (Female) Quenya
Cirinde Sailor (Female) Quenya
Cirindiel Daughter of Sailor (Female) Quenya
Ciryande Sailor (Female) Quenya
Colinde Bearer/Courier (Female) Quenya
Colindiel Daughter of Bearer/Courier (Female) Quenya
Eccesinde Discoverer (Female) Quenya
Eccesindiel Daughter of Discoverer (Female) Quenya
Ecceþinde Discoverer (Female) Quenya
Ecceþindiel Daughter of Discoverer (Female) Quenya
Hanquetinde Answerer (Female) Quenya
Hirinde Finder (Female) Quenya
Hirindiel Daughter of Finder (Female) Quenya
Hyaminde Prayer (Female) Quenya
Hyamindiel Daughter of Prayer (Female) Quenya
Hyarinde Plougher (Female) Quenya
Hyarindiel Daughter of Plougher (Female) Quenya
Laquetinde Denier (Female) Quenya
Laquetindiel Daughter of Denier (Female) Quenya
Lirinde Chanter/Singer (Female) Quenya
Lirindiel Daughter of Chanter/Singer (Female) Quenya
Lorinde Sleeper (Female) Quenya
Lorindiel Daughter of Sleeper (Female) Quenya
Maquetinde Asker/Questioner (Female) Quenya
Maquetindiel Daughter of Asker/Questioner (Female) Quenya
Melinde Lover (Female) Quenya
Melindiel Daughter of Lover (Female) Quenya
Nacinde Cutter/Hewer (Female) Quenya
Nacindiel Daughter of Cutter/Hewer (Female) Quenya
Nahaminde Summoner (Female) Quenya
Nahamindiel Daughter of Summoner (Female) Quenya
Naiquetinde Curser/Blasphemer (Female) Quenya
Naiquetindiel Daughter of Curser/Blasphemer (Female) Quenya
Naminde Judge (Female) Quenya
Namindiel Daughter of Judge (Female) Quenya
Norinde Runner (Female) Quenya
Norindiel Daughter of Runner (Female) Quenya
Nyarinde Story Teller (Female) Quenya
Nyarindiel Daughter of Story Teller (Female) Quenya
Parinde Student (Female) Quenya
Parindiel Daughter of Student (Female) Quenya
Quelinde One who is Fading/Withering (Female) Quenya
Quelindiel Daughter of One who is Fading/Withering (Female) Quenya
Quetinde Speaker (Female) Quenya
Quetindiel Daughter of Speaker (Female) Quenya
Reminde Trapper (Female) Quenya
Remindiel Daughter of Trapper (Female) Quenya
Rerinde Planter (Female) Quenya
Rerindiel Daughter of Planter (Female) Quenya
Seninde Freer (Female) Quenya
Senindiel Daughter of Freer (Female) Quenya
Serinde One who Rests (Female) Quenya
Serindiel Daughter of One who Rests (Female) Quenya
Serinde Seamstress (Female) Exilic Quenya
Serindiel Daughter of Sewer (Female) Exilic Quenya
Silinde One who Shines White (Female) Quenya
Silindiel Daughter of One who Shines White (Female) Quenya
Tecinde Writer (Female) Quenya
Tecindiel Daughter of Writer (Female) Quenya
Þerinde Seamstress (Female) Valinor Quenya
Þerindiel Daughter of Sewer (Female) Valinor Quenya
Tininde One who Glints/Glitters (Female) Quenya
Tinindiel Daughter of One who Glints/Glitters (Female) Quenya
Tirinde Watcher/Guard (Female) Quenya
Tirindiel Daughter of Watcher/Guard (Female) Quenya
Turunde Winner/Conquerer/Mistress (Female) Quenya
Turundiel Daughter of Winner/Conquerer/Mistress (Female) Quenya
Tuvinde Finder (Female) Quenya
Tuvindiel Daughter of Finder (Female) Quenya
Tyalinde Player (Female) Quenya
Tyalindiel Daughter of Player (Female) Quenya
Tyavinde Taster (Female) Valinor Quenya
Tyavindiel Daughter of Taster (Female) Valinor Quenya
Tyawinde Taster (Female) Exilic Quenya
Tyawindiel Daughter of Taster (Female) Exilic Quenya
Úcarinde Sinner (Female) Quenya
Úcarindiel Daughter of Sinner (Female) Quenya
Vilinde Flier (Female) Exilic Quenya
Vilindiel Daughter of Flier (Female) Exilic Quenya
Wilinde Flier (Female) Valinor Quenya
Wilindiel Daughter of Flier (Female) Valinor Quenya
Yalinde Summoner (Female) Quenya
Yalindiel Daughter of Summoner (Female) Quenya

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  • Language(s): Quenya,
  • Categories this word falls under: Miscellaneous

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