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The Phrasebook Database is Launched!

You can find it here: The Phrasebook Database

In it is included the thousands of new Quenya phrases that I’ve been working on translating the past few months.

The main reason that I decided to do this at last is the dialects. You now have the ability to select which dialect you need. Long ago, we knew scarcely anything about the various dialects of the Elven tongues, but now, we know much, much, more. Enough to make phrases aimed at specific dialects. This phrasebook database brings this ability to your fingertips in a way that the old phrasebooks couldn’t – at least not without a confusing mess of duplicated phrases side by side, easily mixed up.

I’ve also edited the Elven Wedding Vows to match the dialect focus of the main phrasebook. I’ve also focused it more on painting a picture of where and how they’d be saying these lines.

And finally, I put together a list of 101 Quenya Phrases for people to put on their websites, a matching pair to the 101 Sindarin Phrases list I made oh so long ago.



  1. Rick | | Reply

    Great lists, I’m glad you have taken the time to do all this work. Now I just have to learn enough to determine which age the LotR take place and see if these will be worth learning, since I don’t need them for a website.

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply

      LotR took place at the end of the 3rd Age and the beginning of the 4th Age. ;)

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