101 Sindarin Phrases

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By dreamingfifi of Realelvish.net

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I made this little phrasebook for the sole purpose of people posting it on their websites, replacing Grelvish and Arwen-Undomiel.com. Please give the credit for making it to me, and give a link to my website on the page that you put the phrasebook on. Please let me know that you are putting it on your website so that I may affiliate with you!

Last Updated: 08/28/2016

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Notes on the Pronunciation Guide:

Here is a basic guide so you can learn how to sound out the phrases. I basically used Tolkien's system, with a few changes, which I listed below.

Notes on IPA Pronunciation:

The alphabet I used is IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). It is far more accurate than the pronunciation guide above, but more difficult to learn. For more information, see Wikipedia, or voices.com's History of the International Phonetic Alphabet. For more notes, read the Pronunciation Guides.

These phrases are in the style of the 3rd age Elves west of the Misty Mountains, influenced by the exiled Noldor.

The asterisks mark fan-coined words.

Tips for Webdesigners

When dealing with IPA and special characters in general, there's a few things that you will do differently than how you approach normal texts.

  1. English: Hi
    Sindarin: A
    Pronunciation: A
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑ/

  2. English: Hail!
    Sindarin: Ai!
    Pronunciation: AI
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑj/

  3. English: A star shines on the hour of our meeting.
    Literal: A star shines over the time of our meeting
    Sindarin: Êl síla erin lû e-govaned 'wîn.
    Pronunciation: EEEL SII.la E.rin LUUU e GO.va.ned WIIIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ:l̡ ˈsiˑ.lɑ ˈɛ.rin ˈlu: ɛ ˈgɔ.vɑ.nɛd ˈwi:n/

  4. English: Wellcome!
    Literal: Good/blessed/fortunate-coming
    Sindarin: Aldol!
    Pronunciation: AL.dol
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑl.dɔl/

  5. English: Well met!
    Literal: [familiar] You are well met
    Sindarin: Mae g'ovannen!
    Pronunciation: MAE go.VAN.nen
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɑɛ gɔ.ˈvɑn.nɛn/

  6. English: At last!
    Sindarin: Na vedui!
    Pronunciation: na VE.dui
    IPA Pronunciation: /nɑ ˈvɛ.duj/

  7. English: Come near the fire
    Literal: Come to the fire
    Sindarin: Tolo na naur
    Pronunciation: TO.lo na NAUR
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈtɔ.lɔ nɑ ˈnɑur/

  8. English: Come with me
    Literal: Follow me
    Sindarin: Aphado nin
    Pronunciation: A.fa.do NIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑ.fɑ.dɔ ˈnin/

  9. English: Come, join us
    Literal: Come, meet [exclusive] us
    Sindarin: Tolo, govano ven
    Pronunciation: TO.lo GO.va.no VEN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈtɔ.lɔ ˈgɔ.vɑ.nɔ ˈvɛn/

  10. English: You are welcome here
    Literal: [exclusive] We welcome [familiar] you here
    Sindarin: Gi nathlof hí
    Pronunciation: gi NATH.lov HII
    IPA Pronunciation: /gi ˈnɑθ.lɔv ˈhiˑ/

  11. English: You are welcome here
    Literal: [exclusive] We welcome [reverential] you here
    Sindarin: Le nathlof hí
    Pronunciation: le NATH.lov HII
    IPA Pronunciation: /lɛ ˈnɑθ.lɔv ˈhiˑ/

  12. English: Enjoy yourself
    Literal: Be joyous
    Sindarin: No veren
    Pronunciation: no VE.ren
    IPA Pronunciation: /nɔ ˈvɛ.rɛn/

  13. English: Farewell
    Literal: Be good
    Sindarin: Novaer
    Pronunciation: NO.vaer
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnɔ.vɑɛr/

  14. English: Good luck/Good Bye
    Sindarin: Galu
    Pronunciation: GA.lu
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈgɑ.lu/

  15. English: Have joy and laughter
    Literal: Have joy and laughter
    Sindarin: Savo 'lass a lalaith
    Pronunciation: SA.vo LASS a LA.laith
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈsɑ.vɔ ˈlɑs ɑ ˈlɑ.lɑjθ/

  16. English: I must go
    Literal: It is necessary to me to leave
    Sindarin: Boe annin mened
    Pronunciation: BOE AN.nin ME.ned
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈbɔɛ ˈɑn.nin ˈmɛ.nɛd/

  17. English: Let's go
    Literal: [inclusive] We shall [willingly] go
    Sindarin: Menathab
    Pronunciation: ME.na.thab
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɛ.nɑ.θɑb/

  18. English: My heart shall weep until I see you again
    Literal: My soul weeps until you and I meet again
    Sindarin: I faer nîn *nínia *aden a-goveninc
    Pronunciation: i FAER NIIIN NII.ni.a A.den a.GO.ve.niñk
    IPA Pronunciation: /i ˈfɑɛr ˈni:n ˈniˑ.ni.ɑ ˈɑ.dɛn ɑ.ˈgɔ.vɛ.niŋk/

  19. English: Sleep well
    Sindarin: *Loro vae
    Pronunciation: LO.ro VAE
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈlɔ.rɔ ˈvɑɛ/

  20. English: Rest well
    Sindarin: *Posto vae
    Pronunciation: POS.to VAE
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈpɔs.tɔ ˈvɑɛ/

  21. English: Sweet dreams
    Literal: Dream well
    Sindarin: Ollo vae
    Pronunciation: OL.lo VAE
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɔl.lɔ ˈvɑɛ/

  22. English: Until next we meet
    Literal: To the time of our meeting
    Sindarin: Na lû e-govaned 'wîn
    Pronunciation: na LUUU e.GO.va.ned WIIIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /nɑ ˈlu: ɛ.ˈgɔ.vɑ.nɛd ˈwi:n/

  23. English: Until then
    Literal: When the time will come
    Sindarin: N'i lû tôl
    Pronunciation: ni LUUU TOOOL
    IPA Pronunciation: /ni ˈlu: ˈtɔ:l/

  24. English: Until tomorrow
    Literal: After today
    Sindarin: *Abarad
    Pronunciation: A.ba.rad
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑ.bɑ.rɑd/

  25. English: Do you speak Elvish?
    Literal: Do [familiar] you speak Elvish
    Sindarin: Pedig edhellen?
    Pronunciation: PE.dig e.DHEL.len
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈpɛ.dig ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

  26. English: Do you speak Elvish?
    Literal: Do [reverential] you speak Elvish
    Sindarin: Pedil edhellen?
    Pronunciation: PE.dil e.DHEL.len
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈpɛ.dil̡ ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

  27. English: I don't speak Elvish
    Literal: I don't speak Elvish
    Sindarin: *Law bedin edhellen
    Pronunciation: LAW BE.din e.DHEL.len
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈlɑw ˈbɛ.din ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

  28. English: I speak Elvish
    Literal: I speak Elvish
    Sindarin: Pedin edhellen
    Pronunciation: PE.din e.DHEL.len
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈpɛ.din ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

  29. English: I don't know
    Sindarin: *Law iston
    Pronunciation: LAW IS.ton
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈlɑw ˈis.tɔn/

  30. English: I know
    Sindarin: Iston
    Pronunciation: IS.ton
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈis.tɔn/

  31. English: May we speak as friends now?
    Literal: you and I will speak now as friends?
    Sindarin: Pedathanc hi sui vellyn?
    Pronunciation: PE.da.thañk HI SUI VEL.lyn
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈpɛ.dɑ.θɑŋk ˈhi ˈsuj ˈvɛl̡.lyn/

  32. English: I am ___
    Literal: I am _[a name]_
    Sindarin: Im ___
    Pronunciation: IM ...
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈim .../

  33. English: I know your face
    Literal: I know [familiar] your face
    Sindarin: Iston i nîf gîn
    Pronunciation: IS.ton i NIIIV GIIIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈis.tɔn i ˈni:v ˈgi:n/

  34. English: I know your face
    Literal: I know [reverential] your face
    Sindarin: Iston i nîf lîn
    Pronunciation: IS.ton i NIIIV LIIIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈis.tɔn i ˈni:v ˈli:n/

  35. English: Don't be afraid
    Literal: [you] don't fear
    Sindarin: Av-'osto
    Pronunciation: a.VOS.to
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑ.ˈvɔs.tɔ/

  36. English: Alas!
    Sindarin: Nae!
    Pronunciation: NAE
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnɑɛ/

  37. English: Behold!
    Sindarin: Alae!
    Pronunciation: A.lae
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑ.lɑɛ/

  38. English: Beware!
    Literal: Be watchful!
    Sindarin: No dirweg!
    Pronunciation: no DIR.weg
    IPA Pronunciation: /nɔ ˈdir.wɛg/

  39. English: Eek!
    Sindarin: Ai!
    Pronunciation: AI
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑi/

  40. English: Flee!
    Literal: Flee
    Sindarin: Drego!
    Pronunciation: DRE.go
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈdrɛ.gɔ/

  41. English: Go away!
    Literal: Be gone
    Sindarin: Ego!
    Pronunciation: E.go
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.gɔ/

  42. English: Run!
    Sindarin: Noro!
    Pronunciation: NO.ro
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnɔ.rɔ/

  43. English: Stop!
    Literal: Halt
    Sindarin: Daro!
    Pronunciation: DA.ro
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈdɑ.rɔ/

  44. English: Wow!
    Sindarin: Elo!
    Pronunciation: E.lo
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.lɔ/

  45. English: Wake up
    Literal: Awaken
    Sindarin: *Echuio
    Pronunciation: e.KHUI.o
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɛ.ˈxuj.ɔ/

  46. English: Help!
    Literal: Help!
    Sindarin: Natho!
    Pronunciation: NA.tho
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnɑ.θɔ/

  47. English: I'm here to save you
    Literal: I came to save [familiar] you
    Sindarin: Udúlen gi nathad
    Pronunciation: u.DUU.len gi NA.thad
    IPA Pronunciation: /u.ˈduˑ.lɛn gi ˈnɑ.θɑd/

  48. English: I'm here to save you
    Literal: I came to save [reverential] you
    Sindarin: Udúlen le nathad
    Pronunciation: u.DUU.len le NA.thad
    IPA Pronunciation: /u.ˈduˑ.lɛn lɛ ˈnɑ.θɑd/

  49. English: Release me
    Literal: Release me
    Sindarin: Leithio nin
    Pronunciation: LEI.thi.o NIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈlej.θi.ɔ ˈnin/

  50. English: Him or her needs healing
    Literal: It is necessary to heal him or her
    Sindarin: Boe de nestad
    Pronunciation: BOE de NES.tad
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈbɔɛ dɛ ˈnɛs.tɑd/

  51. English: Sorry
    Literal: Forgive me
    Sindarin: Goheno nin
    Pronunciation: GO.he.no NIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈgɔ.hɛ.nɔ ˈnin/

  52. English: Yes
    Literal: It is so
    Sindarin: *Naw
    Pronunciation: NAW
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnɑw/

  53. English: Yes
    Literal: May it be so!/Make it so!
    Sindarin: No!
    Pronunciation: NO
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnɔ/

  54. English: Yes
    Literal: Good!
    Sindarin: Ma!
    Pronunciation: MA
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɑ/

  55. English: No
    Literal: It isn't so
    Sindarin: *Law
    Pronunciation: LAW
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈlɑw/

  56. English: No
    Literal: It can't be so!
    Sindarin: Û!
    Pronunciation: UUU
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈu:/

  57. English: No
    Literal: Don't!
    Sindarin: Baw!
    Pronunciation: BAW
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈbɑw/

  58. English: Please
    Literal: For my joy
    Sindarin: An gell nîn
    Pronunciation: añ GELL NIIIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑŋ ˈgɛl̡l ˈni:n/

  59. English: I love you
    Literal: I love [familiar] you
    Sindarin: Gi melin
    Pronunciation: gi ME.lin
    IPA Pronunciation: /gi ˈmɛ.lin/

  60. English: I love you
    Literal: I love [reverential] you
    Sindarin: Le melin
    Pronunciation: le ME.lin
    IPA Pronunciation: /lɛ ˈmɛ.lin/

  61. English: I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh
    Literal: I delight when [familiar] your eyes shine when [familiar] you laugh
    Sindarin: *Gellon ned i gelir i chent gîn ned i lelig
    Pronunciation: GEL.lon NED i GE.lir i KHENT GIIIN NED i LE.lig
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈgɛl̡.lɔn ˈnɛd i ˈgɛ.lir i ˈxɛnt ˈgi:n ˈnɛd i ˈlɛ.lig/

  62. English: I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh
    Literal: I delight when [reverential] your eyes shine when [reverential] you laugh
    Sindarin: *Gellon ned i gelir i chent lîn ned i lelil
    Pronunciation: GEL.lon NED i GE.lir i KHENT LIIIN NED i LE.lil
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈgɛl̡.lɔn ˈnɛd i ˈgɛ.lir i ˈxɛnt ˈli:n ˈnɛd i ˈlɛ.lil̡ /

  63. English: Thank you
    Literal: I thank you [reverential]
    Sindarin: Le *channon
    Pronunciation: le KHAN.non
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˌlɛ ˈxɑn.nɔn/

  64. English: Thank you
    Literal: You [reverential] are/were helpful/kind
    Sindarin: Le athae
    Pronunciation: LE A.thae
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈlɛ ˈɑ.θɑɛ/

  65. English: Thank you from my heart
    Literal: My soul sings with joy
    Sindarin: I faer nîn linna nan glass
    Pronunciation: i FAER NIIIN LIN.na nañ GLAS
    IPA Pronunciation: /i ˈfɑɛr ˈni:n ˈlin.nɑ nɑŋ ˈglɑs/

  66. English: You did well
    Literal: [familiar] you did well
    Sindarin: Agóreg vae
    Pronunciation: a.GOO.reg VAE
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑ.ˈgɔˑ.rɛg ˈvɑɛ/

  67. English: You did well
    Literal: [reverential] you did well
    Sindarin: Agórel vae
    Pronunciation: a.GOO.rel VAE
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑ.ˈgɔˑ.rɛl̡ ˈvɑɛ/

  68. English: My Lady
    Literal: Beloved Lady
    Sindarin: Hiril vuin
    Pronunciation: HI.ril VUIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈhi.ril̡ ˈvujn/

  69. English: My lord
    Literal: Beloved lord
    Sindarin: Hîr vuin
    Pronunciation: HIIIR VUIN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈhi:r ˈvujn/

  70. English: My child
    Literal: [diminutive] Child
    Sindarin: Henig
    Pronunciation: HE.nig
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈhɛ.nig/

  71. English: My son
    Literal: [diminutive] Son
    Sindarin: Ionneg
    Pronunciation: JON.neg
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈjɔn.nɛg/

  72. English: My daughter
    Literal: [diminutive] Daughter
    Sindarin: Iellig
    Pronunciation: JEL.lig
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈjɛl̡.lig/

  73. English: Daddy
    Sindarin: Ada
    Pronunciation: A.da
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑ.dɑ/

  74. English: Mommy
    Sindarin: Nana
    Pronunciation: NA.na
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈnɑ.nɑ/

  75. English: I won't
    Literal: I refuse
    Sindarin: Avon
    Pronunciation: A.von
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑ.vɔn/

  76. English: You betrayed me
    Literal: [familiar] you betrayed me
    Sindarin: Nin gwerianneg
    Pronunciation: NIÑ gwe.ri.AN.neg
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈniŋ gwɛ.ri.ˈɑn.nɛg/

  77. English: You smell like a monster
    Literal: [familiar] you have the stench of a monster
    Sindarin: Sevig thû úan
    Pronunciation: SE.vig THUUU UU.an
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈsɛ.vig ˈθu: ˈuˑ.ɑn/

  78. English: Your head is empty
    Literal: [familiar] your head is empty
    Sindarin: Dôl gîn lost
    Pronunciation: DOOOL GIIIN LOST
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈdɔ:l ˈgi:n ˈlɔst/

  79. English: Evil fate!
    Literal: Poor fate
    Sindarin: Amarth faeg!
    Pronunciation: A.marth FAEG
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑ.mɑrθ ˈfɑɛg/

  80. English: Curses!
    Sindarin: Rhaich!
    Pronunciation: RHAIKH
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈr̊ɑjx/

  81. English: Idiot!
    Literal: Lacking intelligence
    Sindarin: Pen-channas!
    Pronunciation: pen.KHAN.nas
    IPA Pronunciation: /pɛn.ˈxɑn.nɑs/

  82. English: Where are we?
    Literal: Where are [inclusive] we
    Sindarin: Mi van gwe?
    Pronunciation: mi VAN GWE
    IPA Pronunciation: /mi ˈvɑn ˈgwɛ/

  83. English: Do you promise?
    Literal: Do [familiar] you promise
    Sindarin: Gwestog?
    Pronunciation: GWES.tog
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈgwɛs.tɔg/

  84. English: Do you promise?
    Literal: Do [reverential] you promise
    Sindarin: Gwestol?
    Pronunciation: GWES.tol
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈgwɛs.tɔl/

  85. English: Is it done?
    Literal: Is the task done
    Sindarin: I dass carnen?
    Pronunciation: i DAS KAR.nen
    IPA Pronunciation: /i ˈdɑs ˈkɑr.nɛn/

  86. English: Is it necessary?
    Literal: Is it necessary
    Sindarin: Boe?
    Pronunciation: BOE
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈbɔɛ/

  87. English: Is there danger?
    Literal: Danger?
    Sindarin: *Rachas?
    Pronunciation: RA.khas
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈrɑ.xɑs/

  88. English: What are you doing?
    Literal: What are [familiar] you doing
    Sindarin: Man cerig?
    Pronunciation: MAN KE.rig
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈman ˈkɛ.rig/

  89. English: What are you doing?
    Literal: What are [reverential] you doing
    Sindarin: Man ceril?
    Pronunciation: MAN KE.ril
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɑn ˈkɛ.ril̡ /

  90. English: What did you do?
    Literal: What did [familiar] you do
    Sindarin: Man agóreg?
    Pronunciation: MAN a.GOO.reg
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɑn ɑ.ˈgɔˑ.rɛg/

  91. English: What did you do?
    Literal: What did [reverential] you do
    Sindarin: Man agórel?
    Pronunciation: MAN a.GOO.rel
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɑn ɑ.ˈgɔˑ.rɛl̡ /

  92. English: At when?/At where?
    Sindarin: Na van?
    Pronunciation: na VAN
    IPA Pronunciation: /na ˈvan/

  93. English: With what?
    Literal: What with
    Sindarin: A van?
    Pronunciation: a VAN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑ ˈvɑn/

  94. English: Which one?
    Literal: Which person
    Sindarin: Pen van?
    Pronunciation: PEN VAN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈpɛn ˈvɑn/

  95. English: Who is leading?
    Literal: Who leads
    Sindarin: Ma tôg?
    Pronunciation: MA TOOOG
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈmɑ ˈtɔ:g/

  96. English: Why not?
    Literal: Don't do it for what purpose
    Sindarin: Avo garo am man theled?
    Pronunciation: A.vo GA.ro am MAN THE.led
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɑ.vɔ ˈgɑ.rɔ ɑm ˈmɑn ˈθɛ.lɛd/

  97. English: Why?
    Sindarin: Am man?
    Pronunciation: am MAN
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑm ˈmɑn/

  98. English: Why?
    Literal: For what purpose
    Sindarin: Am man theled?
    Pronunciation: am MAN THE.led
    IPA Pronunciation: /ɑm ˈmɑn ˈθɛ.lɛd/

  99. English: He or she had too many cups of drink
    Literal: He or she drank countless cups of drink
    Sindarin: Uhunc ylf ernedui
    Pronunciation: U.huñk YLV ER.ne.dui
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈu.huŋk ˈylv ˈɛr.nɛ.duj/

  100. English: Go kiss an orc
    Literal: Be gone, kiss an orc
    Sindarin: Ego, *mibo orch
    Pronunciation: E.go MI.bo ORKH
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈɛ.gɔ ˈmi.bɔ ˈɔrx/

  101. English: I can say what I wish, and you can't understand me
    Literal: I say the words that I want, and [familiar] you can't understand me
    Sindarin: Pedin i phith in aníron, a nin ú-cheniog
    Pronunciation: PE.din i FITH in a.NII.ron a NIN uu.KHE.ni.og
    IPA Pronunciation: /ˈpɛ.din i ˈfiθ in ɑ.ˈniˑ.rɔn ɑ ˈnin uˑ.ˈxɛ.ni.ɔg/