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Hello folks! It’s about time I made another newsletter, isn’t it?

While I haven’t been writing newsletters, I have been making updates. Lots of them.

In January, I attempted to switch servers, because some of the pages were mysteriously disappearing. The server change didn’t help anything, so I went back to Awardspace and asked the support staff. As it turns out, the pages that linked to Amazon were the ones vanishing; because the bot in charge of searching for spammers thought that all Amazon links are evil. So, I found a different way to cite books, and it’s all better now. Funny thing: it also removed the Telerin Wordlist because the word “porn” (from Teleporno, Celeborn’s Telerin name) appeared in it.

I made a wordlists page! It took about a week of staring at thousands of lines of code, but I finished it, and posted it. The Wordlists were put together by Gildor. They are of Nandorin, Doriathrin, Mithren, Telerin, Khuzdul, Adûnaic, Westron, and various other human languages.

I’ve extensively updated the Sindarin pronunciation page and the pronunciation lessons. It now has a recording of Tolkien speaking Sindarin!

The namelists have had a makeover. I split them into sections to make them easier to download, and Phil put together some fancy Javascript coding to make the gender specific namelists much easier to browse. I’ve finally put the “Our Names translated into Sindarin” section up, and am continually adding to it. I’m also in the process of adding several hundred Sindarin names to the list, which will be available pretty soon, depending on how the start of classes treats me.

The Sindarin and Quenya phrasebooks also received a makeover. They’ve been reorganized into more situational collections of phrases.

The essays page has been reorganized; taking a bunch of links from the Trustworthy Websites page. I also wrote a new essay: Vampires and Werewolves in Middle-earth.

Other than that, I started putting ads on the website, hoping that they would make the website pay for itself. Vote in the poll about how to fund the website here:

Galu a gell!


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