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Dirty Words

As some of you may know, my website was kicked offline last month because it apparently had run out of bandwidth. To set the record straight: No it hadn’t run out of bandwidth. There was a problem with the server’s ability to tally the usage of my website, making it think that 6 months of traffic had happened in one day. It is true that my website is slowly eating up more and more bandwidth, but currently, we’re only using 1/5th of our monthly allowance. When or if The Hobbit movie comes out, (I’m working on the Woodelven sections in preparation!) I might have to buy bandwidth, but until then, let’s enjoy our free ride.

While the website was down, I made a new section of the phrasebook. It’s a set of phrases for use in the Elven bedroom. I’ve often gotten e-mails from people writing intimate love-scenes for their stories, and I’ve long considered making a steamy set of phrases (the challenge being talking dirty with a language that has no dirty words) and I finally gave in. Of course, you must be 18 or over to view it.

You are 18 or over, right?

Hey, it says that Elves “delight in love-making” in the Laws and Customs of the Eldar, so why not?

Lately, I’ve been updating the textbook like mad. It was missing information from the latest publications of Vinyar Tengwar and Parma Eldalamberon (specifically, anything beyond VT#46 and PE#15) because I’m a poor starving college student who can’t afford to buy things that aren’t textbooks. This is really bad because tons of new information about Sindarin has been released recently, stuff that changes our understanding of how late Sindarin works. Especially the verbs. Anyways, I knuckled down and came to grips with the fact that I can’t afford these things right now, and started using others’ recent research that is based on the later publications. So, the verbs and pronouns chapters are completely rewritten, and I’m working on rewriting the numbers section (Tolkien liked to re-write the counting system often, and the latest version apparently is also in PE17, alas!)

Along the lines of editing the textbook… I recently got a fantastic e-mail from Damien of Tolkiendil that pointed me to the new home of I Lam Arth, as well as to some good articles to help me fix up the textbook. As it turns out, Damien has been rescuing excellent Tolkien websites that lost hosting from the death of Geocities. Three cheers for Damien, eh?


I’m in a rush to get more updates done before the next semester starts up, so expect more soon!


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