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New Letters

Hello all!

Finals are over! I have no idea how I did on them, and won’t know for a while. I return to school in a week. I’m taking two intense summer French classes, the closest thing to spending the summer in France I can afford. So, for this short week I will be updating things as much as possible.

I also got Vinyar Tengwar 1-46. (YEAHOO!) Dreamingfifi shall be a more informed translator now.

Now, the updates.

Meet Ederchil! He’s the new Adûnaic translator on the website. Sometime in the coming months, expect to see an Adûnaic namelist appear!

The Sindarin Phrase Book has been updated! I only did minor corrections, but there was a lot of them.
Sindarin Phrase Book

All of the Sindarin Namelists have been cleaned up!
Sindarin Namelist
Exilic-Sindarin Namelist
Doriathrin Namelist
Gondorian-Sindarin Namelist
Woodelven Namelist

I’ve set up arrangements to get a domain name. If you would like to see a domain name, please donate!
Why Donate?

There’s a new poll up!


Random Sindarin Quote:
“Edraith anin ialril; edraith anin ardhon.”
“Save the cheerleader; save the world.” -Heroes

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