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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Please don’t kill me for my disappearance! I have good updates to offer to you!

Firstly, the Timelines are up! Gildor is the one who donated them, I just rewrote the coding.

The Beta Reader List has been updated (six months worth of updates!) and I’ve closed the lessons. I’m in the midst of getting married, settling into my new apartment with my fiancé, finding a job, and going to college, so I don’t have the time to correct homework. Sorry! I will leave the lessons up with answer keys, so you can continue to study.

I’ve given translation duty at the forums over to Tyrhael and Ederchil.

Lastly; even though I won’t be actively working on the forums or teaching, I will still be doing updates to the website! I am accepting donations of material that you think would be beneficial to the website, if you are the author of that material. Don’t copy someone else’s essays and send them to me, please! Speaking of essays, I realize that the essays and naming traditions pages are pretending that they don’t exist. They’re temporary loaded onto Tripod for now.

Garo ‘lass a lalaith!


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