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Steadfast/Trusty/Loyal One Sarte – Steadfast/Trusty/Loyal One


Fated One Marte – Fated One


Exalted/Lofty One Arte – Exalted/Lofty One

Kickstarter Project Launched!

The link to the Kickstarter is here: Free Elvish Lessons at the Realelvish Academy Please spread the word to as many people as you can. Even if you can’t donate, spreading the word helps a LOT! Here’s the video: Thank you guys so much!


Elvish Linguistics Learning Tool The reason that I jumped into this project, other than the obvious, is that I see the potential for this to be useful for teachers and students of languages in general. It makes it easy to learn to read a language, especially one like Japanese or

Dog Commands in Elvish

Over the years, I’ve translated dog commands for a few people, so I’ve decided to make it a short article for all you nerdy dog trainers. Before I started translating, I looked up some research on what exactly dogs hear when we speak. Turns out that what they hear best

Rachel in Elvish

Rachel, your name is really cool! It means “ewe” in Hebrew. Sindarin Sindarin doesn’t have a word for “sheep.” We have two options here: Use a less precise word for an animal: Lavan. Coin a new word, based on the Quenya word and the ancient root it was based on,

Joshua In Elvish

Joshua, your name is really cool! It means “YHWH will save.” It has a fascinating history because it entered into the European languages twice: once through Ancient Greek, and again when translators of the Bible started looking at older, closer to the original sources and retranslating everything. Basically, Joshua and

Madeline in Elvish

Madeline, your name is really cool! It’s from the Ancient Greek word meaning “of/from Magdala.” It was used as an epithet for one of the many Biblical characters named Mary, and started to become used as a name on its own after the translation into Latin. Magdala itself is the