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Annathon ___viriain a___ genaith allen

English: I'll pay ___ castars and ___ tharnis

Literal Translation: I will give you _[a number larger than one]_ castars and _[a number larger than one]_ tharnis (formal)

Guide for Adding Punctuation to the Tengwar and Cirth

Tengwar with vowel-tehtar, used for Quenya, Gondorian-Sindarin, Adúnaic, and Black Speech:
5:#3D5^ ººº r6G`BhD5 `C ººº x5$hD3 j°#5$

Pronunciation Guides

  • Language(s):
    • Gondorian Sindarin

      This dialect of Sindarin was spoken by the Gondorians. It has many grammatical and pronunciation differences from the other dialects, because Sindarin is spoken as a second language there.

  • Phrasebook Chapter(s): Bartering

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Abbreviation List
  • *Asterisks mark fan-made words. Learn more about this: About Neo-Elvish.
  • [ex]/[inc] = Exclusive/Inclusive. This is for different meanings of "we". Exclusive "we" means "us, excluding you", and Inclusive "we" means "us, including you".
  • [2] = Dual Plural. This is a plural form of when there are 2 of something.
  • [pl] = Plural.
  • [sing] = Singular.

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