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Catherine/Katherine in Elvish

Catherine, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient and mysterious name from Ancient Greek, a name so ancient that the Greeks themselves didn’t know what it originally meant! Later on, it was reassigned the meaning “Pure/Clean/Clear,” based on connecting the Ancient Greek word Katharos. They changed the spelling to

Michael in Elvish

Michael, your name is so cool! It’s a rhetorical question, “Who is like El Elyon?” When it comes to translating this name, we have a huge problem. This name isn’t translatable. Not directly, anyways. Elven names aren’t made from sentences. They’re made by combining nouns, adjectives, and name suffixes. Worse

Margaret in Elvish

Margaret, your name is really cool! It’s an elegant name from Ancient Greece meaning “pearl.” When translating this into Elven languages, we have a problem, because neither Sindarin nor Quenya has a word for “pearl.” So, I’m translating it as “sea-gem.” Quenya If you’re a connoisseur of Elvish name translations,

Christopher in Elvish

Christopher, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient Greek name, describing and therefore naming a Saint, one who carried baby Christ across water. It literally means “Christ-bearing.” Tolkien liked this name, and gave the name to his son who went on to make sure the world knew the true

Sophia in Elvish

Sophia, your name is really cool! It is an Ancient Greek name made from the word “Sophos – Skilled, Clever, Wise” and the feminine suffix -ia.  It’s a truly ancient name that has changed very little from antiquity. We’ll translate it as “Skilled/Clever/Wise One.” Quenya Quenya separates the concepts of

Samantha in Elvish

Samantha, your name is so cool! Its past is really mysterious. It’s reportedly from Biblical Hebrew and is a feminine version of Samuel, but it doesn’t appear in the Bible and it can’t be understood in Hebrew. We don’t have records of the name until the 19th century, where it

Samuel in Elvish

Samuel, your name is really cool! It’s the name of a biblical figure and has been borrowed into many languages, wherever Abrahamic religions show up. It has two possible meanings. The first is Shmū’ēl “Name of El Elyon.” The second is based off the passage in the Torah describing why

Melissa in Elvish

Melissa, your name is really cool! And cute. It means “honeybee.” We find it in Greek Mythology as the name of the Nymph who saved and raised Zeus, and it has changed little from antiquity. I also happen to really love how this name sounds, but I’m a weirdo linguist,

William in Elvish

William, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient Germanic name that has been imported to many other languages. It’s a compound of “Wil – will” and “helm – helmet/protection.” Put together it’s a poetic way to say “Guardian,” making three ways to translate this, “Protection of will”, “Helmet of

Fiona in Elvish

Hi! My name is Fiona. My name is pretty darn cool! It’s a simple name – just the word for “White.” Some Latin-speakers slapped an -A at the end to make the masculine name Fionn into a feminine name. This word for “white” had come to be associated with hair