genderless agental suffix

Names made with this word:

Ahyar Transformer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Aistar Blesser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Alar Planter (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Alyar Helper (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Antar Giver (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Arcar Petitioner (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Asyar Easer/Assister/Comforter (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Aþyar Easer/Assister/Comforter (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Autar Inventor (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Carastar Builder (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Cendar Watcher/Reader (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Cestar Seeker/Searcher (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Ceutar Renewer/Refresher (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Comyar Collector (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Costar Quarreler (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Cunyar Ruler (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Estar Namer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Etelehtar Savior (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Halyar Veiler/Concealer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Hilyar Follower (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Hloitar Poisoner (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Hrangar Saboteur (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Hútar Curser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Ilcar One Who Gleams White (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Intyar Guesser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lahtar Surpasser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Laitar Blesser/Praiser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lalar Laugher (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lalar Denier (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lanyar Weaver (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lastar Listener (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lelyar Traveler (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lemyar One Who Remained (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Leryar Releaser/Freer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Liltar Dancer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Lindanandar Beautiful Harper (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Lindangandar Beautiful Harper (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Lindar Musician (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Loitar Failer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Luhtar Enchanter (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Mahtar Warrior (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Mancar Trader (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Mantar Blesser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Manyar Blesser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Mastar Baker (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Mistar Wanderer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Mittanyar Leader (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Nahtar Slayer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Nainar Lamenter (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Nambar Hammerer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Nandar Harper (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Ñandar Harper (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Nehtar Depriver (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Netyar Adorner (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Nortar Rider (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Nurtar Hider (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Nwalyar Tormenter (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Ñwalyar Tormenter (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Panyar Fixer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Patar Walker (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Quentar Narrator (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Raitar Smiler (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Raitar Fisher/Trapper (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Ranyar One who Strays/Wanderer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Rátar One who Excels/Surpasser (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Rehtar Rescuer/Saver (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Rembar Fisher/Trapper (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Rihtar Twitcher (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Ristar Cutter/Cleaver (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Roitar Pursuer/Hunter (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Ruhtar Terrorist (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Rúnar Freer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Sanar Thinker/Reflecter/Mind (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Sintar One who Fades/Turns Grey (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Þintar One who Fades/Turns Grey (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Tintilar One who Twinkles (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Tiuyar One who Swells Up/Gets Fat (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Tultar Fetcher/Summoner (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Tulyar Leader (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Vahtar Soiler/Stainer (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Valyar Excitable One (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Varyar Protecter (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Vasaryar Veiler (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Viryar Transformer (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Vistar Changer (Gender-Neutral) Exilic Quenya
Wahtar Soiler/Stainer (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Walyar Excitable One (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Waþaryar Veiler (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Wiryar Transformer (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Wistar Changer (Gender-Neutral) Valinor Quenya
Yangar Yawner (Gender-Neutral) Quenya
Yestar Desirer (Gender-Neutral) Quenya

Pronunciation Guides

  • Language(s): Quenya,
  • Categories this word falls under: Miscellaneous

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