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Youthful/Young One


Lover/Friend of the Water/Lake

Adûnaic Dictionary

…~ SD/430 ~ <-Balkumagân Kâthuphazgân Phazân (*TAN) anâ n.human Q. atan S. adan ~ SD/426, 434, fully inflected in 437 ~ (*TAN) Anadûnê name. Westernesse S. adûn ~ SD/247, 426…

John in Elvish

…for themselves, but an Anesse – either an Epesse (nickname) or an Amilesse (Mother-name). We have a few words for “blessed” with different connotations. Ainima is for something made holy;…

Dennis in Elvish

…add a name suffix:Feminine: Nesse Masculine: Nesso Manwe is of course already a Quenya word. Taure is the word for “forest.” Put these together and you get Manwetaure. Let’s add…