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Quick/Ready/Prompt Fair – Quick/Ready/Prompt

Rachel in Elvish

Rachel, your name is really cool! It means “ewe” in Hebrew. Sindarin Sindarin doesn’t have a word for “sheep.” We have two options here: Use a less precise word for an animal: Lavan. Coin a new word, based on the Quenya word and the ancient root it was based on,

Christine/Christian in Elvish

Christine and Christian, your name is really cool! It’s a Latin family name meaning “follower of Christ.” This -iāna/-iānus suffix, which was used for members of a family or of a group having something to do with whatever the suffix is attached to, survives for us as the -ian suffix.

Amy in Elvish

Amy, your name is really cool! It’s an old Latin name meaning “beloved.” When it came to French, they made it their own form of passive participle, which is why their version seems so different from its ancestor. Translating this into Elven languages will be fairly straightforward. Elven names are

Sarah in Elvish

Sarah, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient Hebrew name meaning “lady, princess.” Quenya The Quenya word for “lady” is Heri, and the word for “Princess (daughter of the king)” is Aranel. Now, we can leave these as they are, but for an Elven name, they are more like

John in Elvish

John, your name is really cool! The Abrahamic religions imported it all over the place, meaning that many names that you never considered to be the same name might be yet another a version of Yohanan. The graphic represents only a tiny fraction of the variants of this name, not

Jennifer in Elvish

Jennifer, your name is really cool. It’s a cognate of an Irish goddess’s name, known as Findabair. Or Finnabair. Or Fionnabhair. It’s a lovely name with a long history, likely reaching back to Proto-Celtic languages. It’s most likely a compound of “Gwindos – White” and “Sēbarā – Spirit/Fairy/Phantom.” Sindarin Sindarin

Elvish Poem: I ‘Wend e-Dathar

Listen to the original song The Willow Maid Original song by Kate Covington AKA Erutan Translation into Sindarin by Fiona Jallings Dîr ‘wain padras drî i dawar na *philinn în a gû farad. Lastas neth ‘wain linnol ar aphadas i lind athan. Ennas *ichir i ‘wend i dhortha ned i


Daughter of Beautiful/Fair One Vanimiel – Daughter of Beautiful/Fair One