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Steven in Elvish

Steven, your name is really cool! It’s an ancient Greek name meaning “Crown, Garland.”


The Sindarin word for “crown, garland” is . On its own it’s gender-neutral, and to make it gendered, we add feminine and masculine name suffixes.

Masculine: Ríon.

Feminine: Ríeth or Ríel.

Now, as a name for your Role Play characters in Middle-earth, these don’t work. It’s just the word for “crown” and Elves don’t name themselves random objects without showing a connection to how they are connected to that object. Luckily, we have a very convenient word – “Rîn – crowned, garlanded.” We’ll add a few name suffixes to make names that mean “Crowned One.”

Masculine: Rínor.

Feminine: Ríneth, Rínel, or Rínil.


In Quenya, translating this name is also very simple. The Quenya word for “crown, garland” is Rie. Adding suffixes onto this will be a little tricky, so I’ll include the nouns “nér – man” and “nís – woman.”

Masculine: Rio or Riener.

Feminine: Rienis.

Again, these names don’t work for your Elven characters. We’ll make the names from the adjective “Rína – crowned, garlanded.”

Masculine: Ríno.

Feminine: Ríne. In Quenya, there’s a specific word for a “garlanded maiden – Rielle” which you may recognize as part of Galadriel’s name.

Steven, I hope that you found this article fun and interesting!

If you’d like your name translated in this series, comment below and I’ll consider it for a future article!


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Wiktionary, “Στέφανος” Last edited: May 3rd, 2021

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    Croatian Stipe and Hungarian Istvan are cool and you left them out. I think the Slavic borrowings and descendants are interesting.

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