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Henry in Elvish

Henry, your name is really cool! It’s an old Germanic name meaning “Home King,” and fittingly, it’s been the name of many, many, many kings. And probably a few queens as well, since this name has plenty of feminine versions, like Henrietta and Harriette.


The word for “home” in Quenya is “Már.” The words for “king” are “ruler – Tár” and “king – Aran.” Tár can be made specifically masculine by adding -u to it, making Táru, and feminine by adding -i, making “Queen – Tári.”

Put these together and you get this gender neutral name: Martar.

For a specifically masculine name, you’d end up with Martáru and Máraran.

And for a feminine name, you’d get Martári.

This is a fine name for your Elven characters! It’s in the style of an Epesse, a nickname or title given to the person, not a name that they’d choose for themselves or be given by their parents.


The word for “home” in Sindarin is “Bâr.” The words for rulers are “ruler – Taur,” “king – Aran,” and “queen – Bereth.”

Gender neutral name: Barthor.

Masculine name: Bararan.

Feminine name: Barbereth.

This name fits in great in Middle-earth! Again, it’s not the sort of name that be given to your character by their parents, or that they’d choose for themselves, but more like a title given to them by their subjects. This is a fine name for a ruler!

Henry, I hope you found this article fun, interesting, or at least useful.

If you’d like your name translated in this series, comment below and I’ll consider it for a future article!


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  1. Alasdair | | Reply

    Hi could you please do Alasdair/Alexander? Thanks!

    • Fiona J. | | Reply

      Of course! This is a super popular name and well-loved. Perfect for making an article.

  2. Alex | | Reply

    Obviously I think that Alexander is a great idea. Is Alasdair a derivative of Alexander? I have never heard it before.

    • Fiona J. | | Reply

      I agree. I’ll definitely do an article on Alexander!

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