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“Write English with Tengwar” Kindle E-Book Pre-orders Available

Cover Art for "Write English with Tengwar" by Edith Wietek

“Write English with Tengwar” Kindle E-book Pre-order

The release date is 02/02/2020 (because it’s a palindrome and I couldn’t resist).

The price is $2.99 which is as cheap as I was allowed to make it.

To help this book succeed, spread the word! Share the link to the pre-order to anyone and everyone who you think would be interested! And, most importantly, when it comes out, write a review of it. The review could be long or short, positive or negative – it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re honest. Having reviews of the book on Amazon helps Amazon’s algorithm know that people are indeed reading it, and it’ll get recommended to more people, which means more people will find it and buy it.

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