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Blog > Realelvish Academy News > “Write English with Tengwar” Cover Art by Edith Wietek

“Write English with Tengwar” Cover Art by Edith Wietek

Cover Art for "Write English with Tengwar" by Edith Wietek

When I was looking for a cover artist for “Write English with Tengwar,” I had a very good idea of what I wanted already. The cover would need to be in calligraphy, since this is a book about writing, but it would also have to be artistic, with the flare of the old-fashioned illuminated manuscripts. I found Edith Wietek through her Instagram account. She’s an excellent calligrapher, she already is familiar with the tengwar, and her watercolors are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Basically, she’s exactly what I needed, and boy is this cover elegant!

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