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Collaboration with Wyrmwood

There are a LOT of table-top gamers among us. My own house gets filled with people playing Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons from Friday afternoon through Sunday night. I may or may not have an Elf-bard named Lennel. All this was on my mind when I was contacted by Wyrmwood, a company that makes all sorts of gaming paraphernalia to do an Elvish Valentine’s Day promotion, and I jumped at the chance!

For this promo, I will be translating phrases into Quenya, then transliterating them into Tehtar-Tengwar. I’ll also be transliterating names into Tehtar-Tengwar. I’m really happy that they realized how important it is to get an expert to handle the translations, Tengwar, and the really tricky Tengwar keyboards.

So, check them out! It’s a fun project; their stuff is gorgeous; and the Elvish is Fiona-approved!


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