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Choose the Projects I Work on for the Next Year

I put a ridiculous amount of work into this place. It is my passion. I love being able to provide you guys with free, up-to-date translations; I find working on the databases actually kinda soothing and fun. But, I also need to eat food. Funny how the human body works, isn’t it? So, my choices are: get a part-time job that would mean work on the website would take longer, or find a way to fund my work on the website.

The idea I’ve come up with is to focus on the projects I’m working on, all stuff that I want to be available on the website for free, and make a Kickstarter for a year’s worth of projects, and make this a yearly thing. My free-stuff to do list is currently 12 items long, but I can’t do all of them in a year. Some of them will easily take 6 months or more. So, I was thinking that I’d let you guys vote on which projects I do, then I’d run the Kickstarter campaign for those projects specifically.

You can select as many of the projects as you want. I included an estimate of how long I guess it would take to complete each project, but don’t worry about that too much. Select the ones you want to see the most, ignoring the math, because I want to know what you guys most want to see.

To reiterate, the Kickstarter campaign would only be for funding the free content on the website, not for things I’m planning on selling.

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Also, if you have any ideas for perks, go ahead and comment them below!

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